Community Sales

Having kids means having clothing, toys, gear and lots of it! Community Sales and swap meets are a great way to buy (and sell!) gently used articles of clothing, toys, strollers and all the kids stuff that you could ever want! Many of these sales run twice a year in the spring and fall, and some are just once a year.

Bead Market at Ramada

  The Bead Market is perfect for your mini crafter! A wide variety of beads, including gemstones, charms, healing crystals, and findings in assorted materials are in store at the market.  Will you be able to find the most beautiful bead? The Bead Market ...Read More

Community Garage Sales

  You gotta love a garage sale, especially those massive Community Garage Sales heaving with treasures just waiting to be uncovered! Finding the perfect thing at a screaming deal is enough to get the blood racing in even the calmest among us. Here are some ...Read More