Like most kids, my daughters have a playground favourite that they search for at the start of each visit. They’re somewhat fickle – the playground gem can change with regularity, but for the past few months it’s consistently been the monkey bars. We arrive at a new park and they immediately start scouring the area for monkey bars – preferably ones they can reach themselves, and no, swinging rings are NOT as good as monkey bars.

Cameron Heights Playground

Lots of ways to go up and down at Cameron Heights Playground, photo by Jill Footz

Let the record show Cameron Heights Playground has a set of monkey bars.

Once we confirmed this all-important fact, we were able to branch out, explore and appreciate all the other cool features this southwest community hub has to offer.

Cameron Heights Playground

We love the treehouse theme! Photo by Jill Footz

The Cameron Heights playground is a beautiful, treehouse-themed playspace with unique details like nailer boards under the green shingled roof, a hollow treetrunk base with knothole windows, and even a rope bridge connecting two structures.

Cameron Heights Playground

Sand pit, photo by Jill Footz

Most of the playground is based in rubber playground floor. (My favourite!) There is a small sandpit located at one end of the park perfect for fans of scooping and digging.

Cameron Heights Playground

Toddler park, photo by Jill Footz

There’s a cute toddler park with a slide, climbers and a few unique accessories, including a ball maze, rain wheel and sound effect touch pad. The treehouse theme is carried through with a makeshift looking fence design and two treetop canopies hanging over the toddler space.

Cameron Heights Playground

Big park adventure zone, photo by Jill Footz

The bigger park is truly an adventure zone. There are tons of ways to climb up or across. If you have monkeys like mine, this is a park for them – not only for the (triangle) monkey bars, but also for the numerous options for scaling across unique items.

Cameron Heights Playground

A perfect park for climbers! Photo by Jill Footz

The big park also has a bit of a nature park built in, with a hollowed-out log, several tree stumps and a boulder. All the climbing and jumping options made a great obstacle course and my girls made trip after trip through the circuit. (I only had to be called in the odd time for a boost up to something that was just a little out of reach.)

Cameron Heights Playground

Swings, spinners, a surfboard and more! Photo by Jill Footz

The swing set with 2 big and 2 little swings, the variety of spinners and the spring-mounted surfboard each caught our attention for a little while.

Cameron Heights Playground

We loved the built-in hopscotch course. Photo by Jill Footz

The painted hopscotch course was a hit, as was the merry-go-round with its climbable rope sides.

Cameron Heights playground has a green shack and we visited during program hours, so the park was busy, but never so busy that there wasn’t space to play.

Cameron Heights Playground

A large covered picnic area and benches are set just off the park. Photo by Jill Footz

The playground is in a beautiful park, with plenty of benches and a large covered picnic area. The Cameron Heights Community League is in the process of raising funds to add a spray park to this space. They are closing in on their fundraising goal, so watch for construction in the near future!

Cameron Heights Playground:

Where: Located on Cameron Heights Way NW, Edmonton (map)