The Best Doughnuts in Edmonton
Best Doughnuts in Edmonton

National Doughnut Day is celebrated on the first Friday each June, but you don’t have to wait until then to treat yourself to one – or a dozen – at these delicious local bakeries! Whether you are looking for handmade artisan treats in completely unique flavours, or prefer a well-made
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Royal Alberta Museum Children's Gallery
Royal Alberta Museum Children’s Gallery – REOPENING February 16, 2022

“ROOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR! Chomp, chomp, chomp!” A ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex takes no prisoners as he stomps through the Royal Alberta Museum Children’s Gallery, his voice supplied, admirably, by a cute boy of about 3 years. “These dinosaurs are best friends, and they’re going to sing a song together.” My 4-year-old daughter tells
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Amazone Playzone
Things Can Get Wild at the Amazone Playzone!

“Mom, I want to go to a park.” It’s a sentiment I hear a lot, but one that, despite our enthusiasm for the outdoors, just isn’t always practical in an Edmonton winter. So what’s a family to do? Enter, the Amazone Playzone! Amazone is one of the largest indoor playgrounds
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Nature Hero
Be a Nature Hero with Nature Kids Alberta

From mountains to prairies, grasshoppers to bisons, poplars to wild roses, Alberta is home to some pretty spectacular landscapes, animals, and plants. And now, your child can help steward and protect Alberta’s environment by becoming a Nature Hero. Becoming a Nature Hero not only benefits the environment, but it’s also
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Tegler Discovery Zone
The Tegler Discovery Zone at the John Janzen Nature Centre

“Here! You carry these ones, and I’ll get the rest!” my daughter ordered her twin sister, handing her an upside-down giant building brick stacked full of squishy foam acorns. She then scooped as many acorns as she could into her own shirt, and the two charged off, up the series
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Bouncin' Around
Jump For Fun at Bouncin’ Around

Have you ever been to an outdoor Summer fun event where the bouncy castle wasn’t the star of the show? Me neither. Bouncy castles have come a long way since I was a kid. The plain Jane square jump zone still exists, to be sure – but for today’s kids,
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Love To Play Room 2
The BEST Indoor Play Space You’ve NEVER Heard Of

It’s a rural Alberta rec centre like any other – arena, curling rink, gym – but the Ardrossan Recreation Complex has a secret. Located just 10 minutes east of Sherwood Park, Ardrossan is a growing rural community, and its popular rec centre is clear indication of that.  It’s always bustling
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Grizzly Cubs Den
Have a Wild Time at Grizzly Cubs Den

Playhouses, an indoor playground and even indoor sports come together in a pretty wild way in the brand new family-friendly playzone known as the Grizzly Cubs Den! When we walked in, my kids spotted the little run cars (complete with fuel pumps!) and made a beeline to start driving them
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Go ski alberta
Make Memories When You Go Ski Alberta

It’s the video I can’t stop watching. My husband had the camera rolling as our daughter zipped down the bunny hill at Snow Valley Ski Club. First, she sticks her tongue out as she gets up to speed, then she turns and grins right at the camera. She flies to
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Dermott District Park
Get Back to Nature at Dermott District Park

I admit it – I’m a sucker for nature parks. Don’t get me wrong, I love the bright colours and exciting creativity that’s been implemented into today’s playground structures – but I also love the playgrounds made of rocks, stumps, raw wood and rope – and that’s exactly what you’ll
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