For many years Edmonton folks wanting to see Disney on Ice have had to travel to Calgary to see the show, but not this year! Disney on Ice Worlds of Enchantment made its triumphant return to Edmonton ice Thursday night, and it was delightful!

The show is hosted by Mickey and Minnie, who make periodic appearances in between the musical numbers, introducing each and setting up the story. The stories are based on popular Disney movies, so it’s a safe bet most of the audience was pretty familiar with the storylines. With the exception of the Cars portion of the show, each musical number was essentially a “Coles Notes” version of the movie.


After Minnie, Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and some aggressively upbeat teens (think High School Musical) encouraged us to stay active and healthy, the gang from Toy Story (Toy Story 3 to be precise) showed up. That Disney magic showed up almost right away, with the giant props giving the perspective of small toys. With the help of Woody and Barbie, the toys escape the evil clutches of Lotso Bear at Sunnyside Daycare. Look forward to Ken’s attempt to woo Barbie with a fashion show. I was laughing harder than the kids!

Next was a whirlwind recounting of The Little Mermaid. Don’t tell Anna and Elsa, but it may have been my favourite part. The fun music and fanciful costumes of the undersea creatures lent themselves so nicely to the graceful movements on the ice. Bubble machines and calypso are always the way to my heart!


After the intermission (in the “second period” as my young hockey player date put it) We were brought to Radiator Springs, where Mickey and Minnie’s roadster has broken down. Luckily Tow Mater brings him to the shop, where the Cars gang rallies together to get him back to road-ready. I still can’t figure out how they got those Cars to move, I just know that whatever kind of tires they have on for the ice, I need some for my Volvo!


The big show stopper to finish off was a quick version of Frozen, which tied in most obviously with the theme. Snow floated down on the stunned people of Arendel, singing and dancing and making magic in the square. Out of all the sections of the show, Frozen had the loudest audience participation…many little girls dressed as Anna or Elsa belting out Let it Go full volume.

This was my first Disney on Ice experience, and I’m glad it was Worlds of Enchantment. It was an absolutely delightful evening. We are already crossing our fingers for a return visit from Disney on Ice next year!

Were you at Worlds of Enchantment? What was your favourite thing about it?

Disney on Ice Worlds of Enchantment

From awesome stunts to graceful ice dancing, Disney on Ice Worlds of Enchantment has it all! See your favourites don their skates and make the magic happen! You’ll get to see some of the most beloved Disney characters take to the ice, including Ariel, Elisa and Anna, Lightning MacQueen and the gang from Toy Story. Don’t forget to come early so you can learn some sweet dance moves from the Mouse himself at Mickey’s Dance Along Pre-Show! Tickets are available from Ticketmaster and start at just $25!

Disney on Ice Worlds of Enchantment Contact Details:

When: December 1-4, 2016
Time: Thurs-Fri: 7 pm; Sat: 11 am, 3 pm, 7 pm; Sun: 1 pm
Where: Northlands Coliseum (formerly Rexall Place)
Address: 7424 118 Ave. NW
Website: www.northlands.com