The biggest draw for my eldest at the local Farmer’s Market this past summer was the bouncy castle. $5 for unlimited bouncing. My husband and I could trade off supervision duty while the other wandered unencumbered, with the added bonus of a kid who was ready for bed when we got home.

Then some sort of Farmer’s Market coup happened, and a of a sudden, a new guy was there. No more unlimited bouncing option.

We were now confronted with a ten minute limit.

I was stuck and the farmer’s market carny knew it as I continued to fork over my money. I wasn’t leaving without a bounced out kid. I heard a dad mutter they were charging more than his overtime rate. He too was shelling out for the luxury of a compliant-at-bedtime kid. We growled, but we did it.

Thanksgiving came and the market closed for the season; my child’s craving for inflatables didn’t wane.

When I read about The Fun Place and Cafe, my heart sang. And admission is all you can jump for $5.00!

Owned by Inflatable Fun, The Fun Place and Cafe operates pretty much exactly as the name implies. At the front of the building is a small cafe separated by a pony wall from a large play space occupied by two large inflatable bouncy houses and innumerable toys. There is a steep staircase to a loft that holds an adorable playhouse, and a few video game consoles and TV screens.



On our recent visit, we started with lunch: soup and sandwich special for me ($9) and a grilled cheese with grapes for the boys ($5.50). The Fun Cafe prides itself on healthy food choices and the prices are fairly reasonable considering what you get. My favourite was the delicious flavoured lattes…order it in a go cup and lid so you can take it over the wall into the play space.


Lunch was pretty much a wash as the kids were so eager to get playing. I sent them to the other side in the hopes of finishing my soup in peace (oh the humble dreams of a mom!) but my youngest is at the stage where stairs are irresistible but not quite able to navigate them safely. The set up is great for parents with older kids, but if you have an active toddler, there really isn’t a way to sit at a cafe table while your little one plays without having to jump up every other minute. But then “sit” and “active toddler” don’t usually go together anyway.

I’ve already bought a pass to the Fun Place. Finding a clean relaxing place where my kids are safe and having fun is pretty much mom utopia. I plan to go back. Often.

The Fun Place and Cafe Contact Details:

Address:  3663 – 99 Street
Phone: 780-709-6232