In the world of children’s television entertainment, some shows are better than others. And by better, I mean “don’t make me want to throw the TV through the window.” Because some shows, I won’t name them, but you know them: the vapid, cloying kids’ shows that make you start to think that maybe letting your kids watch Criminal Minds wouldn’t be SO bad…those shows are out there.

Back in the day when I was still a Treehouse TV neophyte, a friend turned me and my music loving boy on to The Backyardigans. “The music is, you know, catchy.”  Catchy is an understatement. I find myself humming “Robot Rampage” to myself even when I’m alone and could break out the NC-17 lyrics.

So when my sister in law offered to buy tickets for the live show as a birthday present, we were pretty stoked.

The show currently touring is “Undersea Adventure.” It features the familiar characters of Pablo, Tasha, Austin, Tyrone, and Uniqua (just what kind of animal is she, anyway?) as they help their new friend Doll the Dolphin search for her baby brother Finn.

Along the way, the Backyardigans get imprisoned by Octavia the cranky octopus when they accidentally knock over one of the statues in her pristine undersea garden, but escape when they win their freedom in a race.


The audience gets a lesson in protecting the ocean from garbage and pollution accompanied by upbeat music. Really, what holds the audience in thrall is the music, and “Undersea Adventure” fulfills its end of the bargain nicely.
Many genres of music were represented: Funk, zydeco, disco, sixties rock and roll…even the most slouched and cross armed dad had something to bob his head to.
At first I felt a little ripped off when I recognized songs from the TV show, but when I saw my kids jazzing away to songs they already know, I was reminded of the affinity preschoolers have for familiarity and repetition. Plus, it is good music, so hearing it again is no bad thing.


All in all, I would definitely rank our afternoon with the Backyardigans as a good one. I am grateful to my husband’s sister for the gift, as I probably wouldn’t have shelled out the $40 for my twenty month old baby to come, but due to “fire regulations” everyone who attends a show at the Jubilee Auditorium has to pay for a ticket, babes in arms included. The little one enjoyed it most enthusiastically, so I’m glad he was there.

The Backyardigans take their show on the road regularly, and if you get the opportunity when they are next in town, you should go…your kids will be thrilled, and you will save yourself an afternoon of being subjected to the dreck on TV!