It’s jaw-dropping.

The TELUS World of Science Edmonton has done it again. Their children’s gallery, CuriousCITY, is a magical miniature world that kids will love, learn and get lost in.


Key to the City, photo by Jill Footz

The gallery has been in the works for months and CEO Alan Nursall took the wraps off it on Thursday, March 21, 2019 in fitting fashion – with a huge group of kids. An oversized key unlocked a giant padlock, and set forth the hoard of youngsters, eager to play.


View from above, photo by Jill Footz

The old favourites are there – the giant airplane and airport security scanner, complete with bags to be scanned. The beloved water table play area, too – and it didn’t take the kids long to start splashing, giggling and cavorting in the water.


Crank-arm ball machine, photo by Jill Footz

The new features are remarkable – a crank-operated ball game that allows users to set balls forth in a series of winding orange paths. There are vacuum operated tubes that suck balls up before shooting them down a maze that resembles the old Plinko game from Price is Right.


Riverbank Exploration, photo by Jill Footz

Crawl through the Riverbank Exploration – a winding tunnel where kids can encounter a mother coyote and her cubs and wriggling bugs (on video) showing exactly what goes on beneath the Earth’s surface.


Treehouses, photo by Jill Footz

The treehouses may very well be the pi├Ęces de r├ęsistance. In an intricate path high above the gallery, explorers get to venture through Edmonton’s favourite landmarks – the Edmonton International Airport, the often-photographed Walterdale Bridge, and the iconic pyramids of the Muttart Conservatory. As you cross the High-Level Bridge, be sure to take a minute to appreciate the little High Level Streetcar going back and forth. Just one more little touch that makes this space feel like, well, home.


Stop and smell the mint, photo by Jill Footz

There are opportunities for sensory exploration at every turn. One Muttart pyramid contains three sniff stations where you can stop and smell the roses, so to speak. (The mint is my favourite)


Star gaze, photo by Jill Footz

The golden dome paying homage to Edmonton’s original Queen Elizabeth II Planetarium features stars and constellations. Press the buttons and look up to see them glow!


Find the critters, photo by Jill Footz

Want to hear familiar city critters like coyotes, magpies, rabbits and squirrels? Press the buttons, then listen and look for them to pop out of the reeds.


Mural masterpiece by Jason Blower, photo by Jill Footz

You could spend the entire afternoon admiring the backdrop mural created by local artist Jason Blower. Spot more Edmonton favourites throughout this massive masterpiece.


River feature, photo by Jill Footz

There are special spaces for the youngest explorers. The softly padded river feature, complete with a squishy slide and river “rock” pillows will be a hit with tiny visitors. A set of giant blue foam connector blocks sits waiting for a young construction crew to get to work.


Build away! Photo by Jill Footz

It’s just like the TELUS World of Science Edmonton. Always changing, always growing, always getting better.

For now, let’s revel in the beauty of this new CuriousCITY.


So much to see, photo by Jill Footz


Where: TELUS World of Science Edmonton
Address: 11211 142 Street, Edmonton (map)