I don’t know about you but I’m always looking for new and creative ways to exercise my kids.  Tuckered kids means faster, non-procrastinating bedtimes.  Always a win in my books!

Look no further than Science World’s newest exhibit: the Science of Sports.  In typical (and wonderful) Science World fashion, every station is hands on and interactive.  Our boys started their visit with a turn on the rowing machine.  While they tuckered out before they crossed the finish line, I sure had fun finishing off the race for them.

Next they moved to a station where you practice jumping as lightly as a cat.  Of course, my boys found it best to do the exact opposite.  They tried to get the highest score possible.  Our youngest managed to land with force 18 times his own body weight…not bad for a 3 year old.

By far, the most entertaining station was the sprinting track.  I don’t know whether it was the starter blocks, or the option to race against an Olympian, cheetah or T-Rex that made this activity so much fun.  Regardless our kids couldn’t stop running.  They were sweaty messes at the end; it was fantastic!

Other stations in the Science of Sports included: rebuilding the human body; wheel chair races (good way to discover how truly weak your arms are); Dance Dance Revolution; a rock climbing wall; and a baseball pitching mound.  Truly your kids will be WIPED at the end of their time at Science of Sports.  Be sure to bring water; they will need to rehydrate.

The Science of Sports is on at Science World through until September.