Indoor Play Places

When it’s cold outside and that playground is covered in ice, what’s a parent with antsy kids to do? Head to one of the many indoor play places where kids can run, jump and play while you relax and oversee in comfort.

Indoor Playgrounds in Metro Vancouver
Ultimate Guide to Indoor Play Places Around Metro Vancouver

Need an idea for an indoor play place? We’ve got you covered! Kids have a crazy amount of energy. That energy doesn’t disappear just because the skies have opened and the rain is gushing down. Let the kids have a great time playing & get those sillies worked out at
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Restaurants with Play Spaces
Metro Vancouver Restaurants with Play Areas for Kids

Everyone enjoys a meal out. What’s not to love…no grocery shopping, no food prep, no dishes. But the inevitable downside of eating out is the seemingly endless wait between when the order is placed and the food arrives. Kids turn into food-crazed monsters waiting for their meal to arrive. Nothing
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Kidtropolis in Richmond
Kidtropolis: Imagine the Fun at the Indoor Play Facility in Richmond

Kidtropolis is all about imagination! Your child will love pretending to be a firefighter, police officer, restaurant owner, pilot & more. The miniaturized city provides a unique and realistic learning environment. The wide open, high-ceiling facility was designed with kids in mind. The 4 owners, all parents of young kids,
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6pack Indoor Beach Centre, Richmond
6Pack Indoor Beach: Kids Dig in the Sand

Let’s be honest, finding a massive amount of sand inside a warehouse is rather odd. But I have to hand it to the folks at 6Pack Beach…they’ve figured out that kids love to dig in the sand and have set up a venue that lets the little ones dig year
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Extreme Air Park
Like to Bounce? Check out Extreme Air Park

This article was written in 2014, therefore the pricing mentioned in this article may not be accurate. Extreme Air Park is great fun for the whole family! Imagine a massive warehouse filled with interconnected trampolines. Extreme Air Park has two locations in the Lower Mainland.  The one in Richmond (14380
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