Museum of Surrey

Completely renovated in 2018, the Museum of Surrey is a vibrant, interactive and ever changing, free local venue for wonder, dialogue and fun for the whole family. The exhibitions at the Museum of Surrey are always changing. You can check out the current exhibits ...Read More

Vancouver Police Museum

The Vancouver Police Museum is North America’s OLDEST police museum! Located in Vancouver’s former Coroner’s Court and City Morgue, the Police Museum details the history of the Vancouver Police. See displays on uniforms, counterfeit currency, confiscated weapons, historical crime, forensics and more. Visit the ...Read More

Burnaby Village Museum

Experience heritage. Stroll down the streets of a 1920s community. A village has been created with both heritage & replica buildings. Period costumed townsfolk give demonstrations in the homes, businesses & shops: watch the blacksmith at forge, listen to the rhythm of the platen ...Read More