Spring Break Camps

Spring Break Camps around Metro Vancouver

Zen Maker Lab
Spring Break Camps with Zen Maker Lab

Critical thinking and problem-solving top the list of skills needed to succeed in the future workforce. As I’m sure almost every parent has experienced, children are not innately born with these tools. It’s much easier to battle with a sibling over a mutually-desired toy, than it is to devise a
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Shoreline Studios Summer Camps
Shoreline Studios Fuels Acting Passion Through Spring Break Camps

The theatre curtains may be temporarily drawn but the passion for acting never goes dark. The world needs the arts. Never has that been made more apparent than during COVID. When the world shut down in March 2020 the arts community launched an impressive global outreach offering comfort, entertainment and
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Camp Rosewood Horse Back Riding Spring Break Camps
Calling All Horse-Lovers! Camp Rosewood Offers Exceptional Spring Break Camps

Learning to ride a horse is a dream of most kids. The experience seems equally exotic and freeing. School-break-camps offer the perfect opportunity to try a new experience and discover, perhaps, an as yet unknown passion. Rosewood Hunters & Jumpers operates Camp Rosewood – a Spring Break camp in Southlands
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