Spring Break Camps

Spring Break Camps around Metro Vancouver offer a wide variety of fun, educational opportunities for kids. Whether they want to try a new sport, learn a new instrument, improve their acting skills, or master coding there is a Spring Break Camp available for them. Check out our top picks for Spring Break Camps around Metro Vancouver.

Spring Break Camps in Metro Vancouver

When school takes a two-week break parents can’t always get that same amount of time off. Many kids are happiest enrolled in programs and activities, rather than sitting at home at loose ends. There are amazing camps being offered all over Metro Vancouver for Spring Break 2023. Check out Family
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Shoreline Studios Spring Break Camps
Shoreline Studios Spring Break Camps: Crafting the Actor {Early Bird Discount}

Do you have a child who is chomping at the bit to entertain the world with their acting skills? Are you curious about the ins and outs of the complex world of acting? Is your child shy and looking for ways to improve confidence in their daily life? Shoreline Studios
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Make Music with Mastery School of Music’s Spring Break Camps

Music is the joy in our day, it is the spring in our step and the soundtrack to our happiest moments. Babies bop along to the tunes they hear in nursery rhymes and as they get older, they become curious about how those songs and sounds are made. There is
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Arts Umbrella Spring Break Camps: Exceptional Arts Training for Kids

If you are looking for an enriching, arts-infused Spring Break experience for your child look no further than Arts Umbrella. The 2023 Spring Break Camps provide young people with the opportunity to discover new artistic passions in the disciplines of art, design, dance, theatre, music and film. Arts Umbrella is
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Under the GUI Spring Break Camps

Coding is the future, and at Under the GUI, students learn valuable skills in programming, creative and critical thinking, and understanding current hi-tech tools used by industry experts. The focus at Under the GUI is not solely on the final product; along the way, kids build confidence with problem-solving, computational,
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