Here are some family friendly Halloween events happening around the city. Please bear in mind there may still be a scary element to some of the festivities. It might be prudent to contact the venue to find out their level of fright!

Halloween COVID
Trick or Treating During COVID

The BC CDC has released their recommendations for celebrating Halloween during COVID. How is your family feeling about trick-or-treating during a global pandemic? You can read the entire BC CDC release here. Below we’ve highlighted a few key points: Halloween parties are a no-go for 2020 Trick or treat in
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Keeping Dry on Halloween
It is Raining on Halloween: Ideas to Waterproof The Kids

We live in Vancouver. It rains. I shouldn’t be surprised when a downpour is predicted for Halloween night. But what about the costumes and the kids? Here are a few ideas to help keep the little ones dry while they seek candy from door to door. Shower caps This idea
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Pumpkin carving party
Planning A Pumpkin Carving Party

We are planning a pumpkin-carving party for our boys’ birthday party this year.¬†Pumpkin seeds, pumpkin innards, kids with knives, what could possibly go wrong? I’m hoping if I plan the heck out of this party everyone’s digits will remain unscathed and our house won’t smell like the inside of a
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