Grab your golf bag — your disc golf bag, that is — and head on out to one of the many disc golf courses around Edmonton this summer! If you’re a seasoned golfer, disc golf may be a fun alternative to try with the family. If you’re an avid frisbee fan, this will most certainly be up your alley! Or if you’re just looking for something new to try, disc golf could be it. The game is played similarly to golf with 9 or 18 “holes”. Disc golf holes are actually metal baskets that you aim your disc or frisbee at. Like regular golf, each disc golf typically has a par. Each player tees off from the designated area by throwing their disc and continuing toward the hole while avoiding hazards such as trees or water. Experienced disc golfers often carry bags of multiple discs with varying weights that have differing purposes from drivers to putters. But if you’re new to the game, it’s totally fun to play with a regular frisbee.

This summer, check out one of these disc golf courses in the Edmonton area:

Rundle Park 
Number of holes: 18
Address: 2909 113 Ave NW, Edmonton (map)

Norwester Park
Number of holes: 9
Address: 16703 117 Ave NW, Edmonton (map)

The Hills at Charlesworth
Number of holes: 9
Address: The Hills, Edmonton (map)

Montreux Park
Number of holes: 9
Address: 9500 101 St, Morinville (map)

Four Seasons Park
Number of holes: 9
Address: 5417 43 Ave, Beaumont (map)

Fred Johns Park (Water-In-View)
Number of holes: 9
Address: 4 Bienert Ct, Leduc (map)

Jubilee Park
Number of holes: 9
Address: 510 Grove Dr W, Spruce Grove (map)

Strathcona Wilderness Centre
Number of holes: 9
Address: 52535 Range Rd 212, Ardrossan (map)