“Mommy, you have to get off the road. The fire truck has an emergency!”

I obediently step aside and the co-captains at the helm of the bright red fire truck speed through amid a cacophony of man-made sound effects. Sadly, though, the imaginary fire went ignored as the responding crew abandoned their duties to climb the slide to the police station.

Eaux Claires Playground

Climb the slide to the police station (or ascend in a more traditional way). Photo by Jill Footz

Welcome to Eaux Claires Playground – the city within a city that kids of all ages will love. Parents will love it too – from the bright colours to the cute photo ops that make this one of the most unique playgrounds we’ve visited in the Edmonton area.

Eaux Claires Playground

Photo op! Photo by Jill Footz

The main play structure holds the bulk of the city services, from the police station and fire department (complete with fire truck, brick climbing wall and adorable firefighter cutout) to the corner store, dry goods merchant, and yes, even the jail. (I was incarcerated for a brief period but was released on good behavior when my captors requested a push on the swings.)

Eaux Claires Playground

Tour the city, photo by Jill Footz

There’s a matching game featuring road signs, tic tac toe, and the spinning scavenger hunt game found at so many parks. My little monkeys were pleased to find both monkey bars and a wide variety of climbers.¬†Beyond the city sits an umbrella spinner, a dome climber, four swings (two big kid swings and two baby swings) and a supernova circle. (The supernova is a favourite in our household – we all like to practice “surfing” – me included.)

Eaux Claires Playground

Surf the supernova, photo by Jill Footz

The attention to details is as remarkable as it is adorable. A clock is painted onto each of the four sides of the tower that tops the bright blue police station. There’s an ATM complete with envelope slots. The bottom of each slide features a bright yellow splash painted onto the rubber playground base.

Eaux Claires Playground

ATM on site, photo by Jill Footz

The toddler park is equally great, with spinner, bouncers and a small play structure featuring a climbing wall, slide and little store. The best part – its perimeter is framed by a road that would be perfect for tricycles or strider bikes!

Eaux Claires Playground

Road around the toddler park, photo by Jill Footz

Our only criticism of this park? My daughters felt a playground with a fire station should have a proper fire pole for sliding down. Eaux Claires doesn’t have one, but does offer one of those coiled poles that can be used to go up or down.

Eaux Claires Playground

Eaux Claires Playground, photo by Jill Footz

Eaux Claires Playground sits at the edge of a lovely greenspace. There are plenty of benches as well as a covered picnic area, but no bathroom or porta potty on site. Eaux Claires is part of the Evansdale Community League.

Eaux Claires Playground

Photo by Jill Footz

Eaux Claires Playground:

Where: 16103 – 95 Street, Edmonton (map)
Website: www.playworks.ca