Gorgeous British antique cars rolled into Fort Langley.  The weather was rather changeable so a few cars didn’t make it to the show, that being said there were at least 50 cars to enjoy.  Regardless we took our sons and had a lovely afternoon peering through windows, chatting up the owners and learning a bit more about antique British cars.

My dad has been a car fanatic my whole life.  He is the proud owner of 2 antique cars.  It was inevitable that my sons would pick up the love of cars from their grandfather.  I’m the kind of person that figures four wheels, a steering wheel, and a protective outer shell are all I truly need.  As you can imagine I attend these car shows for my children.

We made a game out of comparing the older model cars with the newer ones.  The boys were consistently amazed at how one type of car could change over the years.  My boys are alarmingly good at identifying car logos.

There were some truly beautiful cars on site: Triumphs, Jaguars, a Lotus and loads of MGs.  There was also a traditional British taxi.  The kids really enjoyed the old-school double-decker bus everyone was invited to climb upon.  This annual event runs at the end of April every year.  Once you have enjoyed the cars, take a stroll through picturesque Fort Langley