The Food Cart Fest has returned to Vancouver.  Every Sunday through the summer from noon – 5pm, the space between the Cambie Street Bridge and the Olympic Village is converted into a musically-infused foodie heaven.

Food of all types and cuisine are available.  We started with TacoFino.  You’ve got to try their fish tacos and chicken tacos.  Delicious!  The kids loved the strawberry coconut and almost-chocolate smoothies from The Juice Truck.  Blue Smoke is a new favourite of my husband’s.  The beef brisket, called The Loudmouth, was devoured in seconds.

If you are going with dessert in mind you won’t be disappointed.  The Brown Paper Packages ice cream sandwiches are divine!  I can’t stop thinking about their strawberry blonde.

Here are a few tips for a successful Food Cart Fest experience:
1) bring a donation for the food bank and you get in free; otherwise admission is $2.

2) there is an ATM on site; however, most places can accommodate electronic payment methods.

3) chairs and tables are limited; bring a blanket to rest on.  You also won’t feel rushed by others wanting to grab your chair.

4) bring patience.  The folks in the food trucks move at lightning speed but some waiting is required.  With more than 20 trucks on site you have many dining options.

5) bring hand wipes.  The dust from the gravel gets everywhere.  Being able to wipe down tables, chairs and kids will be helpful.

6) visit the Food Cart Fest many times; the food vendors on site change every week.

This is a great opportunity to sample many of Vancouver’s delicious food trucks!  Come hungry!