Fancy a slice? Are you a thick-crust, thin-crust, or double-stuffed crust kind of person? Regardless of your dough opinions if you like pizza then the return of Vancouver’s La Pizza Week is something to celebrate.

Until May 14, you can try some truly creative one-of-a-kind creations at pizza joints all across Metro Vancouver.


  • Ignite Pizzeria
  • Fable Bar
  • Uncle Fatih’s
  • KOZU Sushi Pizza
  • King Taps
  • Di Beppe
  • Pizzeria Farina
  • Virtuous Pie
  • Pacifico Pizzeria & Ristorante
  • R&B Ale and Pizza House
  • Papa’s Gourmet Pizza
  • Neighbours Restaurant
  • Firecrust Custom Salads + Pizzas (also available in Langley)


  • Natalino’s Pizza
  • Hawthorne Beer Market & Bistro
  • Dell Lanes Sports Lounge and Restaurant
  • Blenz Coffee
  • Sanjha Pizza and Curry house


  • Canadian Pizza Plus


  • Doppio Zero Pizza
  • Loz Takos

North Vancouver

  • Farina a Legna


  • Paulo’s Pizza
  • John’s Pan Pizza

La Pizza Week:

Dates: May 2 – 14, 2022