Have you ever been Booed? Booing is the perfect way to bring some sneaky fun to a friend or neighbour this Halloween! Plus we have made it even easier for you with our We’ve Been Booed/You’ve Been Booed FREE printable below.

What is Booing? Booing is the act of leaving someone secret treats or gifts for Halloween. It is meant to spread from there, where your two recipients then choose two more recipients to Boo and continue the fun.

It doesn’t take much to get started with this Halloween activity, and it is a tradition you can keep up for many years to come. A big part of the fun comes from the element of surprise – both in giving and, hopefully, receiving.  Kids will love getting on the act of trying to sneak the basket of goodies onto a friend’s porch without getting caught!

Booed FREE Printable

When it comes to Booing, you can gift whatever you want. You should try to take the recipients into consideration, but it is a pretty safe bet that candy or sweet treats will always be welcome. After perusing the Halloween aisle of the Dollar store, I found some cute Halloween themed baskets and came up with a mix of treats and activities to fill them.

Booed FREE Printable

Our neighbours are all young families, so my items included a Halloween themed storybook, finger lights (my kids love these!), chocolates and candy, plus cake mix, icing, cupcake liners and icing decorations for the family to make and decorate some spooky cupcakes! Other ideas would be a small Halloween themed craft kit, coloring books, glow sticks, sugar cookies and decorating supplies, spooky mugs and hot chocolate or even some fun decorations to get their home in the Halloween spirit.

Booed FREE Printable

Once your goodies are together, all that’s left to do is attach/include the You’ve Been Booed sign and decide when to carry out your secret mission. Pick a time when you think you won’t get caught, sneak your way onto the porch and leave the goodies where they are easy to spot. You may be discovered, but that is all part of the fun!

Happy Booing!

Download your We’ve Been Booed/You’ve Been Booed printable sign and directions here.

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