Create family memories with a fun and creative morning Easter Egg hunting at home! Check out these ideas for 5 Alternative Easter Egg Hunts that go beyond the basics.

Easter Egg ‘Silly Tasks’ Hunt

Fill your eggs with slips of paper that get your kids to perform silly tasks. You can include things like ‘hop like a bunny’, ‘sing your favourite rhyme’ or ‘name three things that start with the first letter of your name’. Once they complete the task, they can earn an Easter treat or they can earn tickets to accumulate to trade for a bigger prize. If you have older kids, you can include more difficult tasks like ‘name 3 countries that start with the letter C’ and award a different amount of points for each task. Once they have a certain amount of points, they get a prize.

Easter Egg ‘Treasure’ Hunt

My kids love treasure hunts for every occasion… birthdays, holidays, and any other day they can convince us to get the clues together and send them on their way. This one is a bit time consuming to customize your clues but tons of fun for all ages. If you don’t have time to create your own, here’s a printable treasure hunt from

Easter Egg ‘Map’ Hunt

Map out your house or your backyard with the location of the hidden eggs. You could draw a simple map for the younger kids and for the older ones you could write the location in code. Some ideas would be to write the location names ‘backward’, or ‘scramble the letters’ of each location. If you have older kids with smartphones, here is a great Easter Hunt using QR codes with map locations from

Easter Egg ‘Checklist’ Hunt

Instead of just hunting for hidden eggs, this hunt involves finding Easter eggs combined with a scavenger hunt. Your egg-finding morning will last a little longer and you can customize a list for either inside your house or in your backyard. Include things like ‘find 3 eggs with different designs’, ‘find three items that start with the letters E, G, and G’. Create your own based on the ages of your little bunnies or use this printable checklist from

‘Reverse’ Easter Egg Hunt

This is a great egg hunt for older kids and one that creates lots of laughs! For this reverse egg hunt, the kids write on slips of paper, prizes they would like. For example, ‘an extra hour to play before bedtime’, ‘FREE pass from washing dishes’, then they hide the eggs and any eggs the parent doesn’t find, the kids get to keep and use to redeem their prize. However, you may want to put rules on hiding restrictions or the cheeky teenager could write ‘buy me a new car’ and hide it the depths of their room where Sherlock Holmes couldn’t even find it!