Birthday Parties

Nerf Battle Birthday at The Foundry

The Foundry is an athletic training facility that offers classes in kettle bells and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu when they are not hosting groups of adrenalized nerf-herders for Nerf Battle birthday parties. The birthday party package includes use of the extensive arsenal of Nerf weapons, the battlefield set up with obstacles,
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Birthday Parties at My Gym Edmonton

Check out what all the buzz is about at My Gym Edmonton! My Gym is a fun-filled fitness centre just for kids that offers classes and free play/practice sessions for members as well as birthday parties and parents’ nights out. Birthday parties at My Gym are an action packed hour
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Birthday Party Paper Scissors Paint
A Birthday Party at Paper Scissors Paint Art Studio

Paint and glitter of every colour of the rainbow was oozing, sliding, and blending, decorating a 2 foot by 3 foot canvas. My daughter watched with delight as the colours combined then looked up at me and said with five-year-old adoration “This is the BEST birthday party EVER!” Music to
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Combat Archery Birthday Party 5
Hit the Bulls Eye with a Combat Archery Birthday Party!

Want to be known as the coolest mom or dad on the block? Book a Combat Archery Birthday Party! Your son or daughter can channel their inner Hawkeye or Katniss and you can wow friends and family with an event that’s really on target! Imagine the thrill of playing dodgeball
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Bounceroo Party Rentals
Plan an Epic Birthday Bash with Bounceroo Party Rentals

Parents, it’s time to take your party game up a notch. Not sure how? I have three words for you: Bounceroo Party Rentals. Turn your backyard into the ultimate fun zone with bouncy castles, inflatable obstacle courses, laser tag, and even your own mini-golf course! Add that authentic carnival feeling
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LaunchPad Trampoline Park
Have a Hoppy Birthday at LaunchPad Trampoline Park

Opt for high-flying fun for your next birthday party event at LaunchPad Trampoline Park! Launchpad’s 24,000 square foot space is so much more then just a few trampolines – it offers one-stop shopping for non-stop active fun! Enjoy climbing walls, foam pits, slack lines, a time rover interactive speed game,
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Game OVR Virtual Reality Birthday Party
Explore Virtual Reality with a Game OVR Birthday Party

G A M E  O V E R. Get in the game on your next birthday by celebrating with a Game OVR virtual reality party. Even though you may not have heard of them, we guarantee your kids have! Game OVR is a world-class Virtual Reality Arcade located just inside of
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Mini Paintball at Edmonton Paintball Centre
Birthday Party on Target! Mini Paintball at Laser City

The reaction from the group leader leads me to believe it is not the first time she has encountered the question. “You could eat the paintballs, they are non-toxic. But don’t.” The boys agree they would rather shoot each other than eat the paintballs, and the safety orientation continues. We
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Throw a magical Birthday Party at Magic Space Indoor Playground
Throw a magical Birthday Party at Magic Space Indoor Playground!

Weave your own birthday magic with a birthday party at Magic Space! How do you measure a good party? I knew he had had a magical time when the five year old birthday boy fell asleep on the short ride home from the Magic Space Indoor Playground following the birthday festivities. If
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Family Date: 5 things to try at the Rec Room

If you have tried to get in on a weekend night at the Rec Room, South Edmonton Common’s newest hot spot, you already know it’s a popular place for adults to have a drink and have some fun. What you might not know is that during the day, it’s a
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