Tired of the same old winter sports? Head on out to Emerald Hills Sports Pavilion in Sherwood Park to give Crockicurl a try! Crockicurl is an outdoor, winter game that is a blend of curling and the board game, Crokinole. Rules and instructions are listed on site.


  • Alert staff attendant when you want to play to disinfect the rocks before and after use.
  • Two teams of 1-2 players each, all members must be from the same household.
  • Rocks may be played from any area around the perimeter
  • Rocks are played in alternating order.
  • Scoring happens after all the rocks have been thrown.

Please follow all provincial restrictions in place, crockicurl is to be played with members of your household only.

Crockicurl at Emerald Hills Sports Pavilion:

Where: Emerald Hill Sports Pavilion
Address: 4501 Emerald Drive, Sherwood Park
Hours: Monday – Friday: 4 pm – 10 pm; Saturday and Sunday: 2:30 pm – 10 pm
Website: www.strathcona.ca