Disney's Frozen II

Six years. That’s how long we’ve been waiting for a sequel to the incredible ice adventure Frozen which captivated young and old audiences and urged us all to “Let It Go”. Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale “The Snow Queen, Disney enthusiasts were introduced to fearless princesses (one of which held magical and icy powers), a goofy and rugged iceman, a loyal reindeer and a naïve and endearing snowman. Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf were instant celebrities and our household was humming and breaking out into song constantly. To this day that single line of “Let It Go” can suddenly spark an impromptu karaoke session and bring strangers together in song.

You know a movie is memorable when teenage boys are willing to put down devices and gather around for a family movie night. In preparation for this sequel we will do what any true Disney fan would do and we’ll watch Frozen again and then I will wait. As someone who did not see the movie during its theatre run, I couldn’t help but look when the internet was all a buzz discussing the movie’s plot that has our characters journeying beyond their kingdom of Arendelle in an effort to discover the origin of Elsa’s mystical and magical powers and the voice … the mysterious voice that calls out to her. Only a few more days and then I’ll have answers to my questions and a copy of this popular Disney classic to add to my current collection.

Everyone has been eagerly anticipating this sequel so when I learned that Family Fun Edmonton is hosting a contest offering followers the opportunity to win a copy of Frozen II, my icy heart melted. To be honest I don’t actually have an icy heart but Edmonton’s winter season has offered some trying moments where our fair city could have been mistaken for Arendelle.

The digital in 4K Ultra HD, Blu-Ray and DVD Frozen II offers bonus features that include deleted scenes, deleted songs, Easter eggs, outtakes (my favorite) and a sing-along version complete with lyrics to the film’s memorable songs. All of this “Frozen” goodness could be yours!