Are you trying to plan another Covid birthday party for your child? Limits on social gatherings have really put the damper on birthdays, but EXPLORUM has developed virtual birthday parties that are sure to make your child’s special day perfect.

You’re probably thinking, “No, I don’t want to do another virtual event”, but the virtual EXPLORUM birthday parties are different. Think of the folks at EXPLORUM as your personal guide to birthday fun! You’ll select a birthday workshop from their list of over 25 options with themes that include Science, DIY’Art, and Exotic Animals. Once your registration is complete, they’ll email you a list of materials that you’ll need which are likely items you already have around your house. All that’s left for you to do is invite your party guests. Then, on party day, you’ll log on to your private zoom link for hands-on party fun!

Explore and Create

I have a niece who is obsessed with watching how-to videos on YouTube. What I love about these EXPLORUM birthday parties is that kids get to feed their how-to obsession. They get to explore how to do things like build a volcano, make a wind chime, or create an agamograph (I bet you have to look that one up!). But what makes it better than YouTube is that they get to interact and ask questions along the way. EXPLORUM party guides go at your child’s pace helping them troubleshoot and answering their questions so they stay engaged and enjoy the experience. And at the end of the party, they’ll have created their own science experiment or craft alongside their friends.

EXPLORUM Birthday Parties

Party with Exotic Animals

For your animal-obsessed kiddos, the Exotic Animals parties will be a real hit! Let your child unleash their inquisitive minds as they learn all about reptiles and amphibians or mammals and birds. My kids have thankfully not reached the “why?” stage yet, such as “Why do turtles have a hard shell?” or “Why do snakes shed their skin?” But if you have a child that is just constantly asking questions about animals and you don’t know the answers, these birthday parties would be such a delight for them! Animal experts will virtually introduce party guests to several animals and share fun facts and information about these exotic creatures. And you get to sit back and let someone else answer all the “Whys”!

EXPLORUM Birthday Parties are designed for kids as young as four all the way up to 17 year olds! Workshops for younger kids run just 30-45 minutes to account for their shorter attention spans, while the workshops for the older kids may run 45 – 75 minutes. Up to 15 children can attend and since it’s virtual, you can even invite your cousins or friends that live hours away! Virtually anyone you choose can join your birthday party — right from home! Parents, you’ll love the affordability of it all, too. Birthday workshops cost just $145 +GST.

Parlez vous Francais? Des ateliers d’anniversaire sont également proposés en français!

Make Any Occassion a Party

While many parents book these workshops to celebrate birthdays, you can also book them for just about any occasion — even just a regular old weekday playdate. These affordable workshops would make for a great way to keep your child engaged with learning throughout the summer and school breaks. Gather (virtually) a few families to split the cost for even more affordability.

Virtual EXPLORUM Birthday Parties

Cost: $145 +GST
Ages: 4-17