Experience Magic Under the Big Top with the Royal Canadian Family Circus SPECTAC! 2018 {Discount Code!}

Royal Canadian Family Circus acrobat through fire hoopCome one, come all, as the Royal Canadian Family Circus brings its SPECTAC! show to Edmonton this Summer! Imagine yourself under the big top, watching astonishing aerialists and thrilling trapeze artists, nimble acrobats and dazzling jugglers! SPECTAC! 2018 captures all the circus nostalgia from your childhood, with modern twists and mesmerizing thrills!

Royal Canadian Family Circus wheel of destiny

The Magnificant Big Top Show features performers from around the world. You’ll be on the edge of your seat as daredevil Ringmaster Joseph Dominik Bauer (a 9th generation performer!) maneuvers the Wheel of Destiny! He stands atop a huge spinning wheel, 20 feet in the air, while skipping, juggling fire and flying! It’s an unforgettable act that can’t be missed!

Royal Canadian Family Circus high wire act

Get ready to gasp in amazement at the high wire acrobatics of husband and wife duo Aura and Werner Cardinali, otherwise known as Duo Guerrero. They perform incredible stunts and footwork across the high wire while Aura sings. She also carries Werner on her shoulders, more than 40 feet in the air! On America’s Got Talent, Judge Howie Mandel praised their act as “the most death-defying thing” he’d ever seen!

Don’t blink when Tommy Tequila takes the stage – His is a one-of-a-king juggler unlike any other! Not only is he the world’s fastest juggler, he holds a world record for juggling 9 ping pong balls with his MOUTH! Precision, speed and agility meet as he pushes the limits of what’s possible!

Everywhere you look there will be more colour and spectacle! The incredible Andrea and Martin Gonzales will fly through the air with unparalleled gymnastic ability! Quick-change team, the Bileas, will transform before your eyes like magic! The Chinese Acrobats Troupe will stun you with incredible feats of balance, acrobatics and dance!

On a more serious note, The Royal Canadian Family Circus wants to share an important message about circus animals. Their performances do not include exotic animals or endangered species – rather they are a multicultural showcase of circus families and performers from around the world.

Royal Canadian Family Circus:

When: June 21-24, 2018 (8 shows)
Time: Thursday 7pm, Friday 4pm & 7:30pm, Saturday 12pm, 4pm & 7:30pm, Sunday 1pm & 5pm
Where: Edmonton EXPO Centre parking lot
Address: 7515 – 118 Avenue, Edmonton
Website: www.royalcanadiancircus.ca

Discount Code:

Want to get in on all this fun AND save a few bucks? Family Fun Edmonton readers can get 2 tickets for the price of one by using the discount code “familyfunedmonton” when you purchase tickets online.

Royal Canadian Family Circus ringmaster

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