The giant wave pool. The always perfect 31°C temperature. The giggle-inducing slides. The stomach-dropping roller coasters. The spinning rides. The games. The list goes on and on of the things we love — and have so desperately missed — about World Waterpark and Galaxyland at West Edmonton Mall. But after many long months, the wait is over and the fun is in full swing at some of our favourite attractions in Edmonton!


After many visits to WEM over the winter where we stared longingly through the glass windows of World Waterpark to see an empty park with an empty wave pool, my family was all fired up to get back in the water! With tickets in hand, we pulled our swimsuits and beach towels out from storage and packed in an afternoon full of fun!

Our twin kiddos are just little tots at 3 years old but somehow we still spent nearly 4 hours at the waterpark riding slide after slide, splashing around, and jumping in the wave pool. A crowd favourite in our house for the kiddos is the Caribbean Cruiser which gives kids the feel of being on a big slide but without any of the potential scary parts of dark tunnels or deeper water drop-offs. Mom and Dad each took turns sneaking off to the bigger slides for a little adventure, too! My favourite slide is the Corkscrew which is 100% in a tunnel with lots of twists and turns while my husband opted for the Howler and its many quick drops. Of course, you ultimate thrill seekers will love the Sky Screamer and Tropical Typhoon!

Make sure this summer you squeeze in all the thrills and excitement with a visit to both World Waterpark and Galaxyland! While we haven’t yet taken our kids to Galaxyland, I’m anxious to get them there to experience the carousel, solar spinner, and Dragon Wagon kids rollercoaster. And you can bet that I’ll be leaving dad to do some solo-parenting for a few moments so I can sneak off to try Galaxy Orbiter and my favourite at any amusement park: the swings!

Be sure to purchase your tickets in advance at You’ll want to plan ahead because tickets can sell out quickly right now!

WEM Attractions

As if that isn’t enough fun and excitement, there’s still MORE now open at West Edmonton Mall! Family favourites such as Ed’s Bowling, Dragon’s Tale Blacklight Mini Golf, Professor WEM’s Adventure Golf, Marine Life, Ice Palace, and DRIVE are all open! If you ask me, I think this is the perfect time to treat your family with a staycation packed full of fun! Plus, with fantastic dining options (two huge food courts and Bourbon St), great accommodations (Have we mentioned how much we adore the themed suites at Fantasyland Hotel?) and hundreds of favourite stores, you really can stay for days without leaving!

West Edmonton Mall Attractions Open for Summer:

Attractions: World Waterpark, Galaxyland, Dragon’s Tale Mini Golf, Professor WEM’s Adventure Golf, Ice Palace, Marine Life, DRIVE