Over the weekend we went to the first Art in the Park in Saskatoon. It’s one of the Art in the Park Summer Festivals. This one was held in President Murray Park (a beautiful Saskatoon park). There will be two others in different Saskatoon parks. Here’s a little advanced warning to everybody going to the event: your kid will want almost everything and whatever they don’t want, you will want. Next time, we’re going to visit every booth and let him choose one thing only. That being said, all the items were at great prices. It was hard to say no to buying amazing local art.

Bouncy Castles, face painting, shopping and more. How do we choose?

As soon as we arrived, we were told that we could join the dinosaur yoga coming up at CJYF – Body Positive Fitness and Yoga. My son wasn’t sure if he was interested but it came with a frozen treat at the end. After doing the yoga, I think he realized he would have done it without the treat at the end. We toured the area before the yoga class and quickly returned so he could be one with the dinos.

Art in the Park in Saskatoon

Dinosaur Yoga

He loved the chance to be a dinosaur and have some fun yoga. He got right into it and had fun doing all the different dino-poses. The yoga instructor did an amazing job with all the little ones. They will have themed yoga for the kids at all of the Art in the Park events. CJYF holds two sessions for the kiddos.

Lunch break with a view.

Lunch came with dessert first. He put it down to eat a hotdog. My son is pretty picky when it comes to food. He’s even picky about hot dogs. He declared this hot dog, the BEST hot dog in Saskatoon. We got our food from Deadly Dogs. They have their own condiments for sale and can split a footlong with different sides to suit a mom and her boy. We were both very happy with our lunch.

Colour Me Cushions

Colour Me Cushions were there with pillows, capes and more to purchase. She also brought a few extra for the kids to sit down and colour. It’s the perfect opportunity for parents to look around a little while the little ones decorate. All the kids loved getting to colour the pillows.

They also had a bouncy castle. Kids could bounce for 15 minutes. It’s another great opportunity for the grown-ups to take a quick look around without the helpers. We skipped the bouncy castle this time. It was hot and we chose to get his face painted instead.

My little pikachu

Face painting is always what we do before we leave because I know it won’t last long. My son is too busy and it ends up getting rubbed off in one way or another. The face painters were quick and amazing with the kids.

We made sure to visit every single booth and we did all the activities except the bouncy castles. It was a great morning spent outside in a beautiful Saskatoon park, surrounded by happy and friendly people. We are going to try to make it to the other two as well.

Art in the Park in Saskatoon

Diefenbaker Park on August 7, 2022
10 am to 3 pm

Buena Vista Park on September 4, 2022
10 am to 3 pm