Spray Parks

Take a Cooling Dip that is not Too Deep! @Paddling Pools in Saskatoon

Fancy a dip in pool that is just the right depth for your little one? Paddling Pools in Saskatoon are an opportunity to take a cooling plunge for FREE in a pool with a comfortable depth for little swimmers! Paddling pools are staffed by summer students who not only ensure
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Spray Pads in Saskatoon! Cool Off and Don’t Spend a Dime!

With long days, school holidays, and hot weather, Saskatoon families are always looking for a way to cool off! And there’s no better (or cheaper) way to do so than at a Spray Pad in Saskatoon! These colourful features with cool spray are sure to be hit with everyone in
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Stonebridge Spray Pad

Ah, it’s summer! There’s no better (or cheaper) way to cool off than at a spray pad in Saskatoon! Many Saskatoon neighbourhoods are home to a spray pad where families gather to have fun and cool off such as the one in Stonebridge! Behind and slightly to the East of
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River Landing Spray Park
Cooling Down at River Landing Spray Park

I don’t know what my son finds so electric about spinning a metal steering wheel that’s sticking out of the ground, but after nine or ten rotations the water predictably cascades from the nearby ‘Fisherman’s Net’ umbrella-like structure. As the water bounces off the pavement, every face in the spray
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