Skateboard Parks

skateboard parks in saskatoon
Drop, Grind, and Alley-oop at a Skateboard Parks in Saskatoon

It’s the season for cement sports! Skateboard Parks in Saskatoon are fun and free! If you have a skateboard, scooter, or BMX enthusiast at your house, why not hit up a skateboard park in Saskatoon this summer!? Whether your kids are just starting off on wheels or can already ‘bomb
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Saskatoon Indoor Skateboard Park
Checked Out the Gnarly Indoor Skateboard Park in Saskatoon?

Accessible¬†using the back alley behind St. George’s Ave. in the Exhibition area, you will find¬†the only indoor skateboard park in Saskatoon! This space has grown out of a need for skateboard enthusiasts to have somewhere to continue the sport during the long winter months in Saskatoon and has been funded
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