Cheapies & Freebies

Having kids can get expensive but having fun with kids does not have to be. Many of the other pages include activities that can be done for free but this page is dedicated for those special deals that come along every once in awhile. Please note that these deals are subject to change without notice. We encourage you to call the facility before you head out on your fun activities!

Jingle Bell Express
Jingle Bell Express

Have you got your Christmas shopping done yet? Consider hopping on the Jingle Bell Express, Saskatoon Transit’s holiday bus route! Save time parking and visit all the malls. Route 1225 – Jingle Bell Express is back for its 5th year. The special service launches on Monday, December 6th and runs
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Hiking Eb's Trails
Hiking Eb’s Trails

Somebody recently suggested we try Hiking Eb’s Trails. We’ve been on a mission to find more hiking trails before it gets cold and snowy. Don’t get me wrong though – we’ll still be heading out when winter arrives. This particular trail is a hiking trail before the snowfalls. After the
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Rawlco Radio Free Admission Evening
Check out the Remai at NO COST at Rawlco Radio Free Admission Day

Join the Rawlco Radio Free Admission Day at Remai Modern! Experience the latest exhibitions including local Saskatoon artist Zachari Logan’s “Ghost Meadows” or “Time Holds All The Answers” by the art collective Postcommodity. The Picasso Gallery will feature a new installation entitled “Guernica Remastered” and our Collection Galleries will feature
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Explore the World
Explore the World with a Sustainability Challenge for Kids

Children and youth across Canada are invited to Explore the World and take part in an epic, eight-week sustainability-themed challenge – “Around the World in 60 Days” – from Scouts Canada. Through fun and engaging activities rooted in sustainability, young Canadians will embark on exciting story-driven adventures set virtually in
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SSCI Indoor Playgroup is a Great Place for them to Burn Off Steam!

Looking for a place for little ones to burn off some steam? Try SSCI Indoor Playgroup! This is a non-registered playgroup entirely for free play and fun! Just bring little ones to the Saskatoon Kinsmen/Henk Ruys Soccer Centre and let them run, play, and interact! Toys are provided! Booking is
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Curbside Swap at City of Saskatoon
Free Never Goes Out of Style in Saskatoon’s City-Wide FREE Curbside Swap

Saskatoon this is your chance to recycle usable household items from your own curbside! The City of Saskatoon Curbside Swap just asks that you leave items on your property clearly marked FREE on Saturday, September 11th and encourages you to see what treasures you can find for FREE elsewhere in
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Saskatoon River Walk
Saskatoon River Walks – Good for the soul and the kids!

My son and I are always up for river walks in Saskatoon. We needed to get out of the house the other day but didn’t have any specific plans. I decided to check out the river. There are so many different spots in Saskatoon to enjoy the river. We decided
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saskatoon playgrounds
Favourite Saskatoon Parks and Playgrounds the sequel

Saskatoon is home to so many favourite parks and playgrounds. The first list of our favourite playgrounds: Get Your Play-On at the 10 Best Playgrounds in Saskatoon has some great ideas for you, but we thought we’d add some more of our favourites! My son has helped me with the
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Receive FREE Samples and Coupons That You’ll Actually Use from Sampler!

What if you could receive free samples of products you might actually use? What if those tailored samples came straight to your door without any unnecessary awkward exchanges? Sampler is your opportunity to be matched with free samples that suit your lifestyle! What does Sampler offer me? You will receive
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City of Bridges Saskatoon
Saskatoon is the City of Bridges

One of my favourite things about Saskatoon is that it’s the City of Bridges is the beautiful river running across it. Walks downtown are even better when you can stop and admire the river. Walks along Spadina are my absolute favourite. Because of the river, we need a lot of
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