Here are some family-friendly Halloween events happening around the city. Please bear in mind there may still be a scary element to some of the festivities. It might be prudent to contact the venue to find out their level of fright!

You've Been Booed
You’ve Been Booed! Boo a Neighbour for Halloween! {FREE Printable}

You’ve been booed! Now what should you do? Play along of course. This Halloween, my son and I decided to spread some Halloween joy and Boo some of our neighbours and friends. We made up Halloween baskets and dropped them off. We picked three different houses we wanted to spread
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Halloween Crafts
Fall and Halloween Crafts – Creep it Real with some Arts and WitchCrafts!

In the past few years, we have got our spook on with some Halloween Crafts. This year, we added some Fall crafts to the mix as well. We usually try to use the supplies we have (this year included a lot of nature) but every once in a while we
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