What was parenting like before bouncy castles? Throughout history there must have been contraptions capable of similar exercise trickery. I’ll bet a fresh set of parental eyes could immediately decipher complex cave drawings that have stumped scientists for years. “That looks like some sort of enclosed play area created to send the children into states of sleepy exhaustion in a short amount of time”

Bouncy Castles are something Lamaze classes should cover on Day One.

I’m big enough to admit I’m elated when I can momentarily hand my parental duties over to this guilt-free inflatable babysitter.

What does it cost? One dollar? Five dollars? Take my money.
In goes my hyper child……out comes a smiley, sweaty mess in need of a nap.
Which brings us to Crickle Creek.


I can’t find documentation on how Crickle Creek came to be, but I’d imagine the owners attended a bunch of these events, saw how popular the bouncy castles were, and decided to make their own event…one with JUST bouncy castles.

I’m also going to assume the term ‘bouncy castle’ is frowned upon by management as the website calls them ‘eight huge inflatable bouncers’ to be exact.

So, first off, let’s give the mental Etch-A-Sketch a shake and erase that image you have in your head of those square trampoliney things you see everywhere- the ones made of red and mesh.
These are not those.

Crickle Creek Fun Zone Saskatoon

The Kraken is a 35-foot sea-monster-attacking-an-old-timey-ship slide. The Titanic is also a 35-foot slide! 35 feet! Rat Race is an enormous obstacle course! That’s only three of them. There’s five more!
It doesn’t matter if you’re a kid or an adult, the first time you walk into Crickle Creek you are mesmerized by these things- they are enormous!

If it sounds congested …it’s not, but even if you lose sight of your kids for a while …it always feels safe. A tall fence surrounds the entire area and there’s only one gate for both in and out. Even when it’s at capacity…and the little monkeys make a game out of hiding from you….as long as you stay by the gate, you KNOW they are still in there somewhere.
Ya, there’s also a Par 3 mini golf course, a playground and the ‘What a Scoop! Ice Cream Works’ concession that also serves food and coffee, but those are all opening acts to the inflatable Main Event.


While I watch my sweaty son and his sweaty friends slide down the Kraken for the 124th time, I stand by a giant sign that reads, “NO ADULTS ALLOWED ON THE INFLATABLE BOUNCERS” and I smile, because I’m pretty sure that sign wasn’t there the first time we came here…which means someone’s Mom or Dad ruined it for all of us….and whoever they are, they probably have an unbelievable story to tell for the rest of their lives.

Crickle Creek Fun Zone Contact Info:

Address: 305 Valley Rd., Saskatoon
Phone: (306) 251-0116
Website: www.cricklecreek.ca