The Easter weekend is here but we’ve been having Easter Fun in Saskatoon since last weekend thanks to Family Fun Events Saskatoon! (Similar name but different company!) Last Saturday, we visited Shop Midtown Saskatoon for an Easter Egg Hunt and Bunny Photos.

We went to the one last year, and this year was bigger and better (and at more locations), it did not disappoint. We followed the footprints, played games, my son collected eggs, and we got a photo taken with the Easter Bunny.

They always have fun and colourful decor set up while we walk around so my son had a lot of fun pointing out all the things he was seeing. He definitely had a couple of favourites. He had fun picking up the eggs he saw along the way as well. They had booths set up along the way with games for the kids to get Easter Eggs.

His favourite decoration! (Photo by Erin McCrea.)

We stopped at the games but also had time to pose with some of our favourite Easter decorations as we waited for the people in front of us. There was never a long wait but we did get in behind other people so every once in a while we waited for the next booth. There was a lot around to distract us so we were happy either way.

Fun with games (Photo by Erin McCrea.)

My son loved the games. The people running each booth were all very kind and cheered him on as he tried to toss the rings, get a ball in the hole, or find the eggs. He truly enjoyed every challenge that was presented. We even got a little extra time doing a ring toss while we waited for photos with the Easter Bunny.

Our turn with the Easter Bunny. (Photobooth photo by Family Fun Events Saskatoon)

We enjoyed posing with the Easter Bunny – although my mischievous little boy made sure to tell the Easter Bunny that he knew he wasn’t the “REAL” easter bunny and he was just wearing a costume. That’s not to say he doesn’t believe there is an Easter Bunny – he just thought this one was working for the real one. We still liked meeting this big bunny. He also made sure not to tell any other kids what he thought about the Bunny. The photos with the bunny are taken away from others. This was our last stop. They do have a section where you can purchase some extra goodies before you leave. This was a great start to our Easter fun and we were very happy to take part in the hunt. Thanks so much to Family Fun Events for having us! We can’t wait for your next event.

Easter Fun in Saskatoon

You can still see the Easter Bunny and join the fun at three locations. The last day is April 16, 2022.

Market Mall 10am-6:00pm
Shop Midtown Saskatoon 10:00am-6:00pm
Confederation Mall 10:00am-6:00pm
For more info or to book your tickets: