We had a lot of Family Fun at the Saskatoon Family Expo. We went two weekends ago and I’m still thinking about it. This event came back after three years off and it was everything and more. I truly loved watching all the happy caregivers with their little ones. The Saskatoon Family Expo was on March 18 and it was definitely a great March event! From exhibitors to entertainment to interactive fun, we were able to experience all of it.

Batman and Batgirl at the Saskatoon Family Expo.

The Expo had superheroes and princesses wandering around and ready to take photos with the attendees. Anna and Elsa were a big hit with a lineup of kids but we were happy to have Batman and Batgirl pose with us.

Decorating the school bus. Photo by Erin McCrea.

They had a city bus and a school bus. The kids could decorate the school bus and they loved getting a chance to add a little flare to it. It looked like it washed off well at the end and it was another activity that made the kids happy. We also stopped at the art booth by Kreative Mum to make a craft. My little one loved making his own craft while we watched others waiting to get their faces painted. Next to that was Bouncy Castles from The Backyard. It was a kid’s paradise.

Family Expo

Magical Cotton Candy

There was food and drinks available as well as a concession stand but the ultimate favourite seemed to be Magical Cotton Candy. The kids were lined up all day for their chance for cotton candy. We didn’t wait in line and we’re still a little bit sad about that but Magical Cotton Candy is at Midtown Mall so I promised my son we would test it out there.

Kindermusik With Prelude Studios

My son really enjoyed the interactive booths. We made music with Miss Leanne from Kindermusik with Preludes, we made pizzas and learned sign language with SDHHS, my son did some Martial Arts with Okami, he danced a little with Thrive Dance SK and he did some science at S.T.E.A.M Lab. We did not run out of things to do; in fact, there were things we didn’t get a chance to do because they were such popular activities. We also had some time to do some shopping and make a wishlist for an upcoming birthday.

The entire day was fantastic. The Baby Crawl went really well and all the little crawlers had fun. The entertainment was great and held the attention of a lot of amazed kids.

Find out more about the Saskatoon Family Expo here and make sure to stay tuned for the next one.