Our latest adventure included two different stops along Valley Road. My sister, my son, and I spent the morning exploring. If it’s possible to have a favourite road then Valley Road is my favourite! It’s right out of Saskatoon and most stops are within ten to 15 minutes from my house. We decided to go to the Sunflower Festival at Robertson Valley Farm. After we were done picking the sunflowers, we still had lots of time so we decided to go across the road to The Strawberry Ranch Maze. We can’t resist a maze!

Robertson Valley Farm has a store packed full of fresh vegetables and right now they are also offering sunflower u-pick on weekends. We each grabbed a pail and went to find some sunflowers. My son decided he wanted to live in the sunflower fields.

















sunflowers and corn mazes

Once we started picking sunflowers, we had trouble stopping. They were so pretty and we wanted them all. Good news though, we left a lot of everyone else. My son picked them with his stuffed puppy in the bucket with him. That helped a lot because he needed to save room for his puppy and couldn’t fit nearly as many sunflowers as he thought he should have. Once we had all the sunflowers we needed, we went to check out the store and pay for our sunflowers. We loved the visit, but it took less time than I had planned. After convincing my son that he couldn’t actually live in the sunflowers we decided to try ANOTHER corn maze.

sunflowers and corn maze

We went to The Strawberry Ranch Maze – Corn Maze. It was our first time visiting this one. The maze was pretty cool with a space theme. My kiddo couldn’t wait to run through it.

sunflowers and corn mazes

Valentine the stuffed puppy joined us on our adventure. My sister and I let my son lead the way for the first part of the maze, but after a while, he was content in following us (and pretending to be a spy!) We all tend to keep pretty close to one another in mazes because I have a bit of anxiety about losing my son in a maze. It’s funny to say, but I don’t actually want it to happen. We’ve also lost my sister in other mazes so we made sure we were all in hearing distance of one another.

As we worked our way through the maze, we stumbled upon signs that helped us decide which way to go. They only helped if we got the correct answer. If you go the wrong way, they do eventually lead back to the sign.

sunflowers and corn mazes

It was another beautiful day for an adventure. We worked our way through the maze with our little spy following behind. We made sure to slow down when we had to make a choice so he knew which way we chose. Every once in a while, he chose to take a shortcut and somehow managed to find us every time even though my sister and I kept getting lost. There’s always something that hits me once we’ve been walking in a maze for what seems like HOURS. Mazes are huge. I am always aMAZEd at the work put into making these mazes. It’s full of family fun with only a maze. Once you make your way out, they have picnic tables. You can also end your trip with ice cream.

We’ve got more places to explore along Valley Road and will take another trip soon. Other than the amazing destinations, Fall is the perfect time for a beautiful drive. The colours are amazing!