Persephone Theatre mer-made our night on Wednesday when we went to the preview show of Disney’s The Little Mermaid at Persephone Theatre. The show was mer-mazing. Okay. That was my last pun. This was the last performance of the 2023-2024 season. My friend and I had season tickets and for the final show, we brought our little ones to enjoy the show.

The excited crowd. Photo by Erin McCrea

My son and I grabbed some Mermaid-themed drinks and went upstairs to people-watch until the doors opened. My son had Mermaid Punch and I chose The Sea Witch to drink.

Photo Ops.

Of course, we had to stop and take some photos to remember our event. My son and I dressed in our favourite ‘fancy’ outfits for the event. We had time for a few photos with our friends and then we went to find our seats.

Photo by Erin McCrea.

The music was amazing and the band stole the show at times. My son was intrigued by the music and loved watching them play.

Waiting for the performance. Photo (selfie) by Erin McCrea.

My son has been to many plays in his 7 years but not any to the grand scale of a Persephone show. It’s safe to say, he is ready for the next one already. He loved it and loudly cheered after every song.

The Little Mermaid at Persephone Theatre

Beautiful set design. Photo by Erin McCrea.

There were no photos/videos allowed during the performance and I would have been too busy enjoying it to get some anyway. You can see some photos on the Persephone Theatre Facebook page and see how amazing the sets and costumes were. The costumes were fun and perfect and the set was stunning and fun and exciting. We loved watching all the quick and wonderful changes, from the underwater sets to the above water. Every once in a while my son would say, “OH! It’s on wheels!”

The Little Mermaid at Persephone Theatre

Photo by Erin McCrea.

During the intermission, I asked everybody who their favourite characters in the play were. I thought they’d have the same answers as me. My friend’s little girl said Ariel and my son loved King Triston. My friend thought Ursula and Scuttle were great characters. I loved them all but personally thought that both Flounder and Sebastian stole the show. (Sign me up for a Flounder and Sebastian show.) The cast of characters had us laughing, in moments of suspense and awe as they sang. This was the perfect last performance of the season, and I’m so glad it was one I could also bring my son to.

The Little Mermaid at Persephone Theatre

When: April 10 to May 5, 2024