This weekend, my son and I chose to go to a bar for the BOOS. We went to the fantastic YXE Haunted House at PiNK’s Haunted Mansion and we had A BLAST. It’s located at Pink Bar & Lounge but it is an all-ages haunted house from noon to 7 pm. The bar doesn’t open until the all-ages haunted house ends. You can purchase kid-friendly drinks though.

YXE Haunted House

Brave Iron Man – Photo by Erin McCrea

My brave little boy decided it was best to explore the Haunted Mansion in his Iron Man suit. He wanted to be as brave as he could and his costume helped (even though it is too small for him). I have been weary this year about too many spooky moments for my son. He is only five but he has been obsessed with all things scary for the Halloween season. The last haunted house we went to was perfect for his age but I was worried this one would be a bit scarier. I shouldn’t have been worried. He loves being scared. My biggest concern is that he’ll get too scared and I’ll have to carry my crying son out of the scary spot. They knew he was younger when we walked in though and they can adapt to the age of their visitors. I saw somebody with the potential to scare my son right away and asked him not to scare us. It turns out, I was worried for no reason. The little guy was braver than I was. My son happily waved at the scary face.

Photo by Erin McCrea

We explored the upstairs first. The great part about haunted houses is the details. My son and I could probably spend all day pointing out all the things we’ve spotted. We have a lot of skele-fun looking at all the spooky items surrounding us. Sometimes we get so engrossed in observing it all that somebody can sneak up on us (and they did)!

YXE Haunted House

We got our first big scare when we were heading down the stairs. A spider made a loud noise and jumped down at us. My son screamed (okay… so did I). I slowly waited for his reaction and was happy when we both started laughing at our reaction. Then we had to stop and look at the spiders because he LOVES spiders. When we got to the last room, somebody jumped out at us but that time I jumped and my son didn’t even react. Maybe next time I should also go in an Iron Man costume.




The last room also has some spots to get some photos taken! We definitely took advantage of some spooktacular photos.

Photo by Erin McCrea

There was one more scare on our way out that made my son scream REALLY loud and made us all laugh at his reaction. This haunted mansion was a success! He had so much fun. Kids 10 and under are free and it’s $10 dollars for everybody else. This money goes to Jim Pattison’s Children’s Hospital Foundation. Honestly. We had so much fun and now I know that my son is slightly braver than his momma. We definitely hope the Haunted Mansion returns next year. I won’t be as worried now that my son (or I) will get too scared.

YXE Haunted House at PiNK’s Haunted Mansion

Date: Friday through Sunday in October 2021
Time: 12 pm to 7 pm
Location: 69 24 St E
Website:  Pink’s Haunted Mansion

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