Wascana Valley Nature Recreation Site is known to the locals as Wascana Trails. Located outside Regina by Lumsden, the view is absolutely breathtaking. It’s about two and a half hours from Saskatoon and worth every second of your time in the car. Bring the family and a picnic and enjoy the fall time beauty. Bring the kids, bring the dogs on a leash, or go by yourself. Personally, this time of year, I follow the trees. I picked the trails to follow because of the orange trees. They have different options for trails to choose from. I was by myself on this trip, but I can’t wait to go back with my family. My son would think it was a great adventure. I stopped on my way home from a Regina visit, but I wouldn’t say no to a day trip just to see the view.

Wascana Trails

There were quite a few cars in the parking lot when I arrived, but the area is so big that I could walk around without running into anybody. Before I chose which way I was walking, I had to stop and look at the view from the parking lot. Even from the top, the view is breathtaking and all you want to do is take it all in.

The Parking Lot View

I started down the trails with no real idea of which paths I was going to take – and to be honest, even though they had signs with maps along the way, I was still pretty unsure which trails were which. I chose the paths that made me happy. It didn’t matter which direction I chose, it was beautiful. You could probably spend all day hiking or walking these trails – because I was heading back to Saskatoon, I couldn’t spend as much time as I wanted to on them. It gives me something to look forward to on another day.

Somedays, you need to be out in nature just to breathe it all in. This area is 15 minutes from Regina, and I would imagine has a lot of people visit from the city. It was amazing. We have gorgeous trails around Saskatoon as well, but it was still nice to try out some new trails and admire some new scenery.

Wascana Trails

I’m so glad I discovered it in Fall. Every season would make it a completely different adventure. It was the perfect end to my visit, and I will be trying to visit the trails once a year at least. I’ll even bring my family next time!

Wascana Trails

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