Have you heard about the latest maze outside Saskatoon? YXE Corn Maze is located less than an hour from Saskatoon. They are neighbours to the Wolf Willow Winery and Camp Wolf Willow. We decided to stop by this year on a rainy October. I know it seems funny to want to get lost in a corn maze when the rain is falling but if I were being perfectly honest, I would tell you this was a perfect rainy day activity. At one point, it was pouring rain and I found myself looking around with the biggest smile on my face. When you make your way out, you can also buy sunflowers and pumpkins if you want.

We made sure to dress for the weather! Photo by Erin McCrea.

The view from the maze was pure Saskatchewan. Huge skies, sunflowers growing from behind the maze and of course LOTS AND LOTS of corn. There was also mud. It was easy to not get muddy however my little one’s goal is to get muddy.

Searching for the words in the Saskatchewan facts.

We had a paper and pencil to try to find all 39 keywords in the maze. Each word was on a sign with a Saskatchewan fact. We were taking it very seriously but didn’t win because we found something else that made us happier. (And it’s hard to write on paper with a pencil when it is pouring rain.) Our goal was to get out of the maze but another goal was to PLAY all the games. A corn maze with game sections? Yes, please!

YXE Corn Maze

Game areas!

Pouring rain did not stop us from playing in every game area we found. Usually, but the time I’ve been in a corn maze for a while, I start to wonder if I’ll ever get out. This time, I was excited to find the next game zone. Badminton in a corn maze? Amazing! We loved trying out all the different areas.

We made it out and rewarded ourselves with some sunflowers.

We made it out and picked some sunflowers to take home with us. We have sunflowers that we grow at home but love all the different kinds. YXE Corn Maze has some unique areas to take photos.

Little time for playing on the wooden ship.

After we were done, we wandered around to see some of Wolf Willow as well. The restaurant and winery are closed for the season but my son was excited to play on the huge wooden ship. In my opinion, the dirtier my son is, the more fun he’s had. He was loving life on the wooden ship.

Quick Hike before leaving.

The corn maze is enough for a wonderful day but we wanted to stretch our legs a little more before getting back in the car. We decided to walk down the trail to the river. We were not disappointed. I will never get bored when I’m surrounded by beautiful fall colours. Thank you YXE Corn Maze for giving us a wonderful day. I’d also like to thank my sister for coming along with us. She doesn’t love corn mazes but gave this one two thumbs up. We cannot wait to visit again.

YXE Corn Maze

Dates: Fall 2023
Location: Wolf Willow Winery, SE 36-30-08 W3, SK S0L 2N0