On the last day of Christmas holidays we let the kids decide how we would spend our day.  “Play Abby” was announced with roaring enthusiasm.

Play Abby is located at 2043 Abbotsford Way.  Play Abby is a terrific indoor play structure; definitely one of our favourites.  There is oodles of space for parents to sit and comfortably watch the kids (and free wi-fi is provided).  The kids have endless structures to climb on.  There is a trampoline, multiple slides, a ball pit, a 3 & under section, tons of climbing sections and much more!

We arrived at 10am on Sunday morning and, despite having been open for an hour, the place was deserted.  Our kids were the only ones for nearly 45 minutes…rather wonderful.  Then the place got hopping!

Play Abby has snacks and drinks on site.  They also accommodate birthday parties.  I was most appreciative of the safety features: locking gate and invisible ink to ensure the correct kids leave with the correct parents.

After a good hour plus of enthusiastic exercise, we went to the Chilliwack Airport for lunch.  The food is very simple (think classic diner) and the pies are wonderful!  A quick look at the flight log shows how popular the pies are.  The majority of the pilots write “I Fly for Pie”.  Made on site, the pies are terrific!  Our boys each had a piece of pumpkin pie, I had mincemeat (and the mincemeat was made on site), and my husband had a ridiculous chocolate, banana, coconut cream pie (he LOVED it).

With full bellies and tired kids we headed home to get ready for the return to school tomorrow.  I’m on the countdown to Spring Break as we had a blast with endless family-activities these past 2 weeks.