Shoreline Studios Spring Break Camps
Shoreline Studios Fuels Acting Passion Through Spring Break Camps

The theatre curtains may be temporarily drawn but the passion for acting never goes dark. The world needs the arts. Never has that been made more apparent than during COVID. When the world shut down in March 2020 the arts community launched an impressive global outreach offering comfort, entertainment and
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Camp Rosewood Horse Back Riding Spring Break Camps
Calling All Horse-Lovers! Camp Rosewood Offers Exceptional Spring Break Camps

Learning to ride a horse is a dream of most kids. The experience seems equally exotic and freeing. School-break-camps offer the perfect opportunity to try a new experience and discover, perhaps, an as yet unknown passion. Rosewood Hunters & Jumpers operates Camp Rosewood – a Spring Break camp in Southlands
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Digital Escape Rooms
Digital Escape Rooms Help You Escape Boredom

I’ve never been brave enough to attempt an escape room in person. I’m a massive chicken. But, thanks to COVID and multiple creative people, virtual escape rooms popped up all over the internet. While life has opened up a little bit, there are still many days we are all stuck
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Invitations to Play
8 Creative And EASY Invitations To Play

There’s nothing quite like watching a child get lost in their own little imaginative world. I think that it is the height of comfort and safety for a child – to feel free to be, without limitations. The doors are wide open right now for this kind of play as
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Family Friendly Breweries
Family Friendly Breweries – Yup, It’s A Thing

As you may know, Family Fun Vancouver is part of a larger network of family-friendly sites spread across the country. The editors of the various sites frequently share ideas for stories and content we think readers would enjoy. Today the editor of Family Fun Edmonton said she was working on
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Chess Institute of Canada
Online Lessons with the Chess Institute of Canada

The Queen’s Gambit was the Canadian binge-favourite of the Fall. How many parents stayed up way too late watching the series and rooting for Beth in her pursuit to become the world’s greatest chess player? Thanks to the Queen’s Gambit, the game of chess has skyrocketed in popularity. If The
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Donuts? Doughnuts?
Donuts? Doughnuts? Doesn’t Matter! We’ve Found the Best in Metro Vancouver

Does anyone really know how to spell donuts? Or is it doughnuts? Let’s be honest, no one really cares about the spelling (well except maybe the English teachers out there), what we care about is the eating! Donuts found at your local drive-thru have probably solved the occasional fried-cake craving
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Abbotsford Tulip Festival
Abbotsford Tulip Festival – Relocating to the Okanagan

Abbotsford Tulip Festival: After many years of delighting visitors with colourful fields, the Abbotsford Tulip Festival is hanging up their hat and moving to the Okanagan. The organizers of Bloom, The Abbotsford Tulip Festival, first hosted their event in 2016. The outdoor event attracted more than 100,000 visitors for the
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Snowshoeing in Metro Vancouver
Snowshoeing in Metro Vancouver

Talk about a great form of exercise! Snowshoeing is becoming an increasingly popular sport for families. When the kids are super little (and mom and dad are in good shape) tucking the kids into kid-carrying backpacks and heading out for a snowshoe is a great outing. I’m sure there are
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Family Friendly Venues Open During the Pandemic
Need Out of the House? Family Friendly Venues Open During the Pandemic

Believe it or not there are family friendly venues open during the pandemic. It’s been a while since my kids were little, but I remember getting out of the house EVERY DAY was essential to my sanity when our boys were preschoolers. There is only so many times I could
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