It can’t possibly be Fall, in our house, without multiple visits to Apple Barn Pumpkin Farm in Abbotsford.  We started this tradition before our eldest was even a year old.  Now with 2 boys in tow, aged nearly 4 & 6, we have an utter blast.  This is the first year our boys didn’t live on the ride-on tractors.  Normally 90% of our visit is spent on the roof of the barn watching the boys ride on the tractors around and around and around in circles.  This year they were interested in visiting all the fascinating aspects of the farm.

While our visit did start with the ride-on tractors, very quickly they moved onto the hay-zip-line and then off to the crazy slides.  There are 2 windy slides that are not for the faint of heart.  Our 3 year old couldn’t get enough of them.

After they were sufficiently dizzy from the slides we went off to visit the animals.  We petted a few bunnies, grunted with some pigs, admired the alpaca’s recent haircut and fed some goats.  Bring $0.25 as feeding the goats is a highly entertaining experience.

Apple Barn bouncy pillowWe wandered to the other end of the farm and jumped on one of the two bouncy pillows.  Adults are allowed on too; I must admit I had heaps of fun bouncing around!  The boys loved the horse-shaped swings made out of tires.  Next we were off to the kid-friendly corn maze. Apple Barn has put in a super fun game for the kids inside the corn maze; the game involves finding colour stations and colouring the fingers of your left hand.  At the end of the maze you determine a funny action you have to do based on the colour order you gave to your fingers.  Laughter certainly ensued!

Apple Barn Tractors

While at the Apple Barn we also enjoyed a hayride (we had it all to ourselves!), we picked 10lbs of apples, enjoyed hot apple cider and brought a massive jug of the delicious stuff home with us.

I highly recommend visiting the Apple Barn now.  Once school returns, the farm is incredibly popular with school groups and it is PACKED on the weekends.  Now is a terrific time to visit the farm and get into the Fall-spirit.