Dive into summer with summer camps at Marina’s Swim School! Swimming is an integral life skill, and it’s never too early or too late to strengthen your swimming skills. Living so close to the ocean, lakes, and a plethora of pools means there are ample opportunities for families to swim together, but it’s important that everyone has the basic skills to stay safe in the water.

Marina’s Swim School Summer Camps stand apart from swimming lessons at your local community centre, because experienced instructors teach the lessons and feature small class sizes, ensuring your child gets one-to-one attention tailored to increasing confidence and skill. In addition to learning swimming skills and techniques, Marina’s Swim School instructors incorporate play-based games and activities to make swimming fun and enjoyable. These week-long camps teach critical skills for water safety and skill development. Children ages 3 and up can register for week-long camps delivered in small class sizes. Each swim camp runs for 90 minutes, ensuring students get optimal time to develop their skills.

Marina's Swim School Summer Camps

If you’ve ever wanted to be a mermaid, Marina’s Swim School offers a summer camp right up your alley! Offering a special Mermaid Swim Lessons session, campers will receive their very own mermaid tail and costumes to wear in the water and have specialized instruction on how to swim gracefully like a mermaid. Swimming like a mermaid requires customized activities and skills to adapt to a mono-fin and mermaid tail and campers will delight in their transformation from human to mermaid over the week. An extra special underwater video of each child’s mermaid swimming will be provided as part of this camp. Children wanting to register for Mermaid Swim Lessons are required to attain a minimum of Level 3 swim skills.

Register today for Marina’s Swim School Summer Camps and experience a world of fun on land and underwater!

Marina’s Swim School Summer Camps

When: July 2- August 30, 2024
Time: 9-10:30am | 10:30am-12pm | 12-1:30pm | 1:30-3pm
Location: Marina’s Swim School
Address: 1751 Savage Road, Unit 110, Richmond

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