Behold! The Cabinet of Curiosities is open for your viewing pleasure and now is your chance to see its contents up close. Head to Britannia Mine Museum this Halloween for a ghoulish adventure like no other.

Britannia Mine Museum is an exceptionally fun and engaging attraction any time of year, but this Halloween promises to be a spooktacular spectacle for the whole family. Three exciting exhibits will jumpstart your adventure into the unknown and reveal unexpected twists and turns for both adults and children alike. Begin with a quest on the “Monster Tracker” as you explore the unknown that lies underground. Keep your eyes peeled for creatures as you jolt around sharp corners and your eyes adjust to the darkness. Don’t miss the chance to experience the terrifying nature of the Underground Tunnel at the spookiest time of year. Next, demonstrate your curiosity and bravery in the “Terror Lab”, as you examine the eerie remnants of deep sea creatures through their bones and imagine what lurks below. These specimens will challenge what you think you know, and leave you in awe.  Finally, experience pumpkins in a unique new way as you learn about the science of pumpkins..particularly, their explosive power! Halloween at Britannia Mine Museum is sure to leave you beWITCHED and begging to see more.

In addition to the Halloween activities, visitors can explore the Beaty Lundin Centre, the Family Play Area, the Gold Panning Pavilion, the Mineral Gallery, and the other great exhibits around Britannia Mine Museum. There are so many areas to visit that families can easily spend an entire day at the museum. With a cafe onsite that provides lunch goodies such as soup, sandwiches, and coffee, it’s easy to make a whole day out of it and take your time leisurely exploring the museum.

Enter if you dare into this Cabinet of Curiosities. Tickets are $20 for ages 3-12 and $25 for ages 13 plus. Book your fa-BOO-lous adventure now. Tickets can be purchased here.

Cabinet of Curiosities at Britannia Mine

When: October 14 & 15, 21 & 22, 28 & 29, 2023
Time: 10am-3pm
Where: The Britannia Mine Museum
Address: 150 Copper Dr, Britannia Beach