Birthday parties scare me!  Oodles of children with crazy amounts of energy who are my responsibility….there is a reason I didn’t become a teacher!  For whatever reason, I really like hosting our sons’ birthday party in our home.  As their birth dates are exactly 1 week apart, we host a joint party.  However, a joint party means a ton of kids…in our house.  I have learned from past experience, I need help to make the birthday party a success.  This year Creative Cube Mobile Studio helped ensure the boys’ party was memorable.

Creative Cube banner

Creative Cube is the brain child of Dawn Cornish-Suelzle.  Her mobile studio is exactly that – a 35ft trailer outfitted for kids’ parties.  Inside the Cube the walls are lovely bright colours, there are benches and work tables all at kid-height, and she has more kid-friendly activities than a kindergarten room!  On her website, Dawn lists examples of the types of parties she can host.  She has science-themed activities and art-themed parties.  Our boys had decided on a dinosaur-theme for their party; Dawn suggested we go with the costume-making party.  The idea of making dinosaur costumes thrilled our kids!

An hour before the party started Dawn pulled up front of our home and got right to work setting up.  She made sure the Cube was heated up, the supplies were all set up and she was ready to entertain 20 kids aged 7 and under!   As a mom to youngsters Dawn knows, first hand, the importance of keeping the kids busy and entertained.

Creative Cube interiorDuring the hour long session, the kids made dinosaur masks, dinosaur feet and a little 3D dinosaur figurine.  At the end of their time inside the Creative Cube, they put on their creations and modelled them for all of the parents.  By far the most popular item was the stuffed and wearable dinosaur tails Dawn had made for each child.  What a wonderful surprise!

The ease of having a Creative Cube Mobile Studio party can’t been exaggerated.  While parents can pop in and out of the trailer – to see what activities are going on – they can also sit around and have a lovely chat.  The kids are right out front – safe and sound – and completely occupied.  The house wasn’t destroyed and the kids were all tired.  Definitely my definition of a successful party!  Check out Dawn’s Creative Cube Mobile Studio for your child’s next birthday party.