We took our boys to their first-ever professional soccer game; what a hoot! In the midst of our scorchingly hot summer the shade and breeze found at the UBC Thunderbird Stadium made an entertaining afternoon even better.

Fun and fan-enjoyment seems to be the number one goal of the Whitecaps FC 2 team. As we walked into the stadium, we were immediately swept up by the high energy and overflowing excitement. Spike, the bluejay mascot, is a pro at entertaining and revving up the fans. His crazy-loud drum, enthusiastic antics and great sense of humour had our 2 boys in fits of laughter on numerous occasions.

Whitecaps FC 2During the entire 90 minute game, the Family Zone was in bouncing. Kids were playing soccer, faces were painted, and balloon animals were shaped. And it was all FREE! My husband had a grand time checking out the food trucks. We are now big fans of the Hungry Nomad; be careful, the pull pork sandwich is delicious but SPICY!

Now, to the actual game itself. I must confess to being a bit naive about soccer. I watch during the Olympics and that’s about it. After seeing the Whitecaps FC 2 game against the Seattle Sounders, I think soccer will be featuring more prominently in my viewing-future. The game was fantastic. The first goal didn’t happen until the 62 minute mark; Vancouver was ahead. Seattle didn’t let us hold onto that lead for very long and the game was tied up at 1:1 for most of the 2nd half. In the final 2 minutes, the Whitecaps scored 2 goals. Now that is the way to win a game!

Whitecaps FC 2Have you ever witnessed Bubble Soccer? Get ready to laugh! During the break between halves, community groups take to the field sporting inflated plastic balls. It is the funniest thing; teens and adults crashing into one another, falling over, and scrambling to get back up all while attempting to play a game of soccer. Truly hilarious!

Tickets are priced so families are able to take part in a Whitecaps FC 2 game. With individual tickets starting at $15, a family of four could enjoy a great sporting event for under $100. What’s not to like about that!

Check out the schedule of the Whitecaps FC 2 game. All home games are played at the UBC Thunderbird Stadium.