Fred PennerFred Penner was a musical part of my childhood, just like many other Canadian kids. Now, this gentle giant is doing a virtual concert on March 29, 2020, at 12 pm PST on his Instagram and Facebook pages.

He writes, “Dear friends, I feel that this challenging time in our lives is an opportunity to re-discover who we are and what we love in this world. Breathe. Exercise. Play. Pay attention to the children in your life. We will get through this.”

What are some of your favourite Fred Penner songs? It seems very un-Canadian to say it, but I wasn’t ever a fan of “The Cat Came Back”. Don’t know why but that song scared me. Without a doubt, my favourite Fred Penner tune is “Sandwiches”. And my dad’s? He couldn’t get enough of “Ghost Riders In The Sky”.

Fred Penner Virtual Concert:


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