Our boys inherited my garbage eye sight. The kids have been peering out from behind lenses since before they were in school. I can’t see a thing without my glasses. Needless to say our family spends a lot on glasses every year. And glasses are NOT cheap. But, thanks to Clearly they are about to get less expensive for the younger kids.

Anyone who has a child who wears glasses knows that glasses break, or they get misplaced, or a child’s prescription changes! I swear my kids go through a new pair of glasses every year, and that’s not counting the sports glasses that one of them needs to wear.

Clearly has stores on Robson Street and West 4th Avenue in Vancouver. Kids ages 10 and under can receive a pair of FREE glasses with select frames, available in store. All you need is a recent prescription and a health card. Details are available HERE.

Free Glasses for Kids – 10 Years and Under!:

Website: www.clearly.ca