Restaurants with Play Spaces
Metro Vancouver Restaurants with Play Areas for Kids

Everyone enjoys a meal out. What’s not to love…no grocery shopping, no food prep, no dishes. But the inevitable downside of eating out is the seemingly endless wait between when the order is placed and the food arrives. Kids turn into food-crazed monsters waiting for their meal to arrive. Nothing
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Fishing is Fun….Who Knew? Ideas to Make Fishing Fun for the Family

Somehow over the summer I became addicted to fishing. For years I have dramatically stated there was no way I’d ever go fishing. The idea of being silent at the water’s edge held zero interest to me. I’m a talker, I don’t sit still, I still have vivid memories of
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Yummy! Ice Cream Shops Around Metro Vancouver

Is there truly just one season for ice cream? Yes, it makes sense to eat ice cream on a hot summer day. But is there truly anything wrong with a creamy bowl of ice cream along side a cup of tea or a mug of hot chocolate? I eat ice
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Tips for Surviving a Heat Wave
Keep Cool! Tips for Surviving a Heat Wave

I know there are many of you out there who love the heat, who have experienced hotter temperatures, but the heat makes my kids and me grumpy. I’ve always joked with my husband that when we retire we are morphing into reverse snowbirds. I’m following the cold and the rain.
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Candy stores in Metro Vancouver
Got A Sweet Tooth? Visit Candy Stores in Vancouver & the Suburbs

My sweet tooth is my Achilles heel. There is no satisfying the cravings and I don’t possess the willpower (or desire) to cut sugar out of my life. You only live once, right?! Now candy found at the corner store holds little interest to me (except sour keys…oh, heavenly sour
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Indoor Playgrounds in Metro Vancouver
Ultimate Guide to Indoor Play Places Around Metro Vancouver

Need an idea for an indoor play place? We’ve got you covered! Kids have a crazy amount of energy. That energy doesn’t disappear just because the skies have opened and the rain is gushing down. Let the kids have a great time playing & get those sillies worked out at
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Donuts? Doughnuts?
Donuts? Doughnuts? Doesn’t Matter! We’ve Found the Best in Metro Vancouver

Does anyone really know how to spell donuts? Or is it doughnuts? Let’s be honest, no one really cares about the spelling (well except maybe the English teachers out there), what we care about is the eating! Donuts found at your local drive-thru have probably solved the occasional fried-cake craving
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Bowling Lanes
Strike! Bowling Lanes In Metro Vancouver

Kids love bowling. Most of them are terrible at it, but every kid I know loves hurtling the heavy ball down the lane desperately hoping for the elusive strike. With the advent of gutter bumpers kids have much more fun bowling than we did as kids. And I won’t lie,
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Family Friendly Breweries
Family Friendly Breweries – Yup, It’s A Thing

As you may know, Family Fun Vancouver is part of a larger network of family-friendly sites spread across the country. The editors of the various sites frequently share ideas for stories and content we think readers would enjoy. Today the editor of Family Fun Edmonton said she was working on
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Happy Birthday! Get FREE Treats on Your Special Day

Happy birthday to you! It is your day…whether you are a kid or a parent, having a day just about you is rather fun. Did you know there are countless stores who want to help you celebrate your special day? Check out this massive list of FREE birthday treats you
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