Redwood Park, Surrey
Fairy Kingdom at Redwood Park in Surrey

Magic dances through the timbers of Redwood Park in Surrey. A magical knoll awaits discovery down a wooded path. When you look through the trees and spot dashes of colour you are nearing the Fairy Kingdom. Whimsical, kind-hearted, fun-loving folk have created dozens of fairy homes. Some are grand and
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Rochester Park, Coquitlam
Rochester Park & Playground in Coquitlam

The City of Coquitlam has done it again! Whoever is responsible for playground & park development in that City deserves a gold star. The playgrounds are so over-the-top creative and interactive that I’m pretty sure the planner is actually a kid. Or at the very least, a 12 year old
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9 Playgrounds Worth the Drive
9 Playgrounds Worth the Drive in Metro Vancouver

The summer days can be long and finding a playground to keep your kids occupied and entertained can be similar to locating a unicorn. Kids love playgrounds but some structures only hold their attention for half an hour. When I’m packing up for a day at a park, I want
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Birthday Party Guide
Unique Party Ideas! Birthday Party Guide for Metro Vancouver

It’s a party 365 days of the year! Parents are always looking for a new & fun venue to host their kid’s birthday party. Whether you are wanting to have someone come to your home or you are looking to have the party at a venue, we’ve got a great
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Kid-Friendly Bike Rides in Metro Vancouver
Kid-Friendly Bike Rides in Metro Vancouver

Watching your child master peddling on two wheels is an exciting moment for many parents. I still remember both our boys pedalling off, down the lane, having all my fingers and toes crossed in the hopes they remembered how to stop. For years the kids were happy riding bikes outside
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Family-Friendly Hikes
7 Family-Friendly Hikes

Hiking with kids can be a wonderfully memorable family experience. It can also be a nightmare of epic proportions. We’ve had both experiences with our young boys. Through trial and error we’ve learned a few tricks to make family outdoor adventures enjoyable for everyone. Check out our top picks for
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7 Family Friendly Ski Hills in BC – Drivable From Downtown Vancouver

What makes a ski hill family-friendly? Is it the easier runs, the kid-oriented lessons, the daycare programs, the restaurants which understand kids can be picky eaters? A family ski holiday is never a cheap endeavour so you want to ensure the experience is enjoyable for everyone in the family. We’ve
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Digital Escape Rooms
Digital Escape Rooms Help You Escape Boredom

I’ve never been brave enough to attempt an escape room in person. I’m a massive chicken. But, thanks to COVID and multiple creative people, virtual escape rooms popped up all over the internet. While life has opened up a little bit, there are still many days we are all stuck
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Invitations to Play
8 Creative And EASY Invitations To Play

There’s nothing quite like watching a child get lost in their own little imaginative world. I think that it is the height of comfort and safety for a child – to feel free to be, without limitations. The doors are wide open right now for this kind of play as
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Family Friendly Breweries
Family Friendly Breweries – Yup, It’s A Thing

As you may know, Family Fun Vancouver is part of a larger network of family-friendly sites spread across the country. The editors of the various sites frequently share ideas for stories and content we think readers would enjoy. Today the editor of Family Fun Edmonton said she was working on
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