This morning, as fog socked in the Fraser Valley, we decided to climb above the clouds and go sliding at Cypress Mountain. Our boys thought our “cloud sandwich” (clouds below and clouds above us) was rather wonderful; it certainly was! Cypress was hopping. With spectacular sunshine on the mountaintop it was none-too-surprising that many decided to spend the day on the slopes.

After we bundled our children into the requisite snow pants, snow jacket, and mitts, we headed off to figure out the sliding-situation. For two hours, the price is $10 per slider. If you want to slide with your children you need to pay too. There was no way we were sending our 2 & 4 year olds down the mountain without us.

Cypress, very conveniently, sells magic carpets ($6.50 for single rider size; $10 for double rider size). We had a blast!

While neither son was particularly thrilled with snow entering their mitts or coat collars, the fun of flying down the mountain far surpassed any minor discomfort.

Sliding hill CypressThe sliding area is children 6 & under. It is perfect, a place full of parents and children of roughly the same skill level. If you have a child older than 6, the tubing area is for them. We didn’t venture over there but it certainly appeared to be a very popular area.

In addition to the sliding hills (5 hills of various steepness) there were two snow forts. Our boys have somehow never had the pleasure of throwing a snowball (could be reflective of our mild BC weather, or their reluctant parents); today they happily embraced the snow-throwing tradition of all children. Their father and I got our fair share of snow in the face; they have some snowing-throwing etiquette to learn.

The sliding and tubing hills at Cypress Mountain are open until March 31st. Fresh air, trudging through snow and climbing hills is a guaranteed recipe for exhausted children who are bound to sleep really well, at least we sure hope so!