My kids LOVE trampoline parks. In fact we just came home from England and my kids’ favourite experience from that trip was a visit to a trampoline park in Coventry. Unfortunately trampoline parks can be insanely expensive…so expensive that a visit once a year is about all we can justify. But I have good news! We just discovered Sky Zone in Surrey. Not only is their facility huge, their prices are amazingly cheap. You can jump for 30 minutes for just $5 per person!

Our family jumped for 2 hours. I’m sad to say I petered out first. My husband and 2 sons were sweaty messes at the end of their time but they had a TON of fun. We started by warming up our bouncing legs in the Main Court. My youngest (a complete daredevil) was flying around and bouncing off the walls (literally). I worked on ramping up my courage to bounce from one square to the next (wimpy, I know). It wasn’t long before I felt more confident and was attempting bum-drops, split jumps, and mid-air dabs (just to make my kids squeal with laughter).

As is always the case with kids, our 2 didn’t want to go in the same direction. The little one and I went off to play basketball (aka SkySlam). He took the lowest hoop, I took the middle, and some trampoline-basketball-flipping super-kid dazzled on the 3rd court. Seriously this child who was no more than 10 managed to do flips and slam dunks at the same time! We were fortunate that when we visited there wasn’t a line for the basketball courts. If a crowd forms the helpful SkyZone staff allows each players one or two shots and then they have to go to the back of the line and wait their turn.

Sky Zone Surrey

My husband and our eldest son spent the majority of their time in the Dodgeball Court. At one point I saw my husband doing rapid jumping jacks. While entertaining I was thoroughly confused as to why he was doing them on the side of the court. The SkyZone staff member explained that in order to keep everyone playing they allow people, who have been tagged out, to do jumping jacks rather than have to wait for a fellow team member to catch a ball (the usual way a player regains entry into the game). Needless to say the sweat was pouring profusely off all of the players in the Dodgeball Court. It wasn’t long before my youngest joined in on the fun!

Another favourite activity for both our boys was the Foam Pit. After having been stuck in a foam pit while 9 months pregnant, I haven’t re-acquired any desire to fling myself into another foam pit. But both our boys (and numerous other kids) gleefully launched themselves into the pit. Kids came up with utterly entertaining ways to fly into the foam blocks.

And I’m sure you are wondering, does Sky Zone Surrey offer birthday packages? You bet they do! Whether you are looking to host 10 kids or 24, Sky Zone has options for you. All you need to do is pick the package, call to book your date & time, and show up. The great folks at Sky Zone take care of everything else (and yes that includes invitations, food & jump time).

Sky Zone Surrey

Additional Family-Friendly Jumping Packages at Sky Zone Surrey:

Sensory Night ($8 for 2 hours; care providers accompanying participants are free)
Sensory Night is for jumpers and families who live with Autism, Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, ADD, ADHD, and any other sensory disorder. In an effort to ensure enjoyment by all the participants Sky Zone doesn’t play any music or use whistles. Additionally, their staff have all been trained by the Canucks Autism Network to ensure the help they offer is appropriate for the participants. Sensory Night happens from 6 – 8pm on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th Mondays of each month. Please visit the Sky Zone website prior to heading to the facility as holidays or special events may cause the Sensory Nights to be cancelled.

Toddler Time ($8 for 2 hours; additional sibling are $5)
Toddlers have a ridiculous amount of energy. Why not burn off some of the sillies with a little-kid jump? They will love being active, bouncing under the supervision of their parents, and without interference from the big kids. Toddler Time happens Fridays (10am – noon), Saturdays (9 – 11am), and Sundays (10am – noon).

SkyWars ($4)
Now this has fun written all over it! SkyWars sees participants engaging in an epic team strategy battle game using blasters and foam balls or darts in a variety of games including team elimination, capture the flag, duck hunt, and more. SkyWars is for kids aged 14 years & up. SkyWars happen all day Tuesday & Thursday as well as Saturdays after 6pm.

Sky Zone Surrey:

Dates: Permanently closed
Time: 10am – 8pm
Address: 11125 124th Street, Surrey